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NPP’s Tynsong takes a swipe at VPP leaders in Mawkyrwat


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From Our Correspondent

MAWKYRWAT, April 13: State president of the National People’s Party (NPP) and Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong, on Saturday, hit out at the leaders of the Voice of the People’s Party (VPP) accusing them of fooling people on the pretext of the ‘Jaitbynriew’ sentiments.
According to the NPP state president, the VPP leaders promise the public of raising many issues in the Legislative Assembly, but when times arrives for discussion on important topics in the House, they walk out giving “petty excuses”.
This was in context of the last assembly session, in which the VPP MLAs had staged a walkout.
“Do not listen to these people who raise their voices only on the streets. They threatened that if they won the elections, they will stand tall in the Assembly but sadly most of the time, they walk out. There were many issues that I expected that they will raise, but due to some small reasons, they walk out. In Motphran and other market places, they spoke and roared like tigers, but in the Assembly they become foxes,” Tynsong said at a public meeting of the NPP in Mawkyrwat, South West Khasi Hills, to garner support for party candidate, Dr Ampareen Lyngdoh, from Shillong parliamentary seat.
Tynsong also lambasted VPP president Ardent Miller Basawiamoit for terming all political parties as dirty, and for not sparing Church leaders and even the pressure groups.
“This new party is too much. They just accuse people without basis. They accused me and Conrad (Chief Minister) as thieves and looters and even said that they will arrest us. You can accuse me of anything, but please do research about my background. I am not answerable to them, but only to God,” Tynsong said.
Tynsong called upon the people to not fall for what they see on social media. “In a generation of technology, anything can be manipulated including the number of people attending any public meeting,” he added.
He also called upon the voters from the Khasi-Jaintia region to vote for Ampareen, who, if she emerges victorious, will be the first Khasi woman to become an MP after statehood.
Others who spoke include NPP leader and ex-MLA of Mawsynram, HM Shangpliang, MDC of Laitumkhrah, Fatin Joseph Lakadong, MDC of Mawkyrwat, Carness Sohshang among others.
The meeting was attended by hundreds of supporters of the NPP from different parts of Mawkyrwat assembly constituency.


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