Thursday, May 23, 2024

A·doko mikka jime waangnaba gnang


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SHILLONG: Meghalaya a·dokni badiaba badiaba biaprango, April 13 tarikoni 17 tarikona mikka baksana mikka kimpretanirangko nikna man·anggen ine Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) parakataha.

IMD-oni koborko on·ani gitade, April-ni 13 tarikoni 15 tarikona a·dokni badiaba badiaba biaprango mikka kimpretanirangko niknaba gnang aro April-ni 16 tarikode mikka baksana adita balwa ta·rakanikoba nikani cholrang donga.

April-ni 17 tarikode a·dokni badiaba badiaba biaprango mikkarang jimbee waan baksana mikka kimpretani aro balwarangni adita ta·rakanikoba nikskanaba gnang ine IMD-oni u·iataha.


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