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ED Indicts diabetic Arvind Kejriwal in mangoes for bail scam


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What else will an Aam Aadmi Chief Minister want if not mangoes ?

By Sushil Kutty

Diabetic Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is feasting on mangoes is an Enforcement Directorate discovery. Call it investigation. The ED has the reputation of a high rate of conviction and Kejriwal carries high levels of blood sugar. The Enforcement Directorate has been snooping into Kejriwal’s tiffin box and a special judge is now hearing the case. Not the money laundering charge, but the culinary outrage being linked to Delhi’s mango-man.
What sumptuous dishes does Kejriwal’s wife, while allegedly eyeing his chief ministerial chair, send him in his lunch-box? Know that Kejriwal has been permitted ‘GharKaKhana’ by the court, food cooked by his “homemaker” wife. The ED investigation reveals that the AAP Convenor’s eating habits, his culinary preferences, and his food orientation, are not of its standards. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is a glutton for mangoes, and he is addicted to sweets.
Also, Sunitha Kejriwal is cooking a damn good fare, rich food that hubby Arvind Kejriwal cannot resist. The gut-less Enforcement Directorate will not give Kejriwal the pleasure of his wife’s cooking. Especially the food with alleged high sugar content. Could it be that the ED sleuths, assigned to cook Kejriwal’s goose, are boring bachelors on a 2-minutes noodles diet.
So, the AAP national convenor stands accused of digging canine and molar into mangoes, the unchallenged ‘King of Fruits’. Kejriwal also has a sweet tooth, maybe even two, says the ED’s tasteless band of investigators even if no man should be held to account for a sweet tooth. Endocrinologists and diabetologists now man the ED desk probing the Delhi Excise Policy Ghotala?
The charge against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is “he is deliberately eating mangoes to increase his sugar level” so as to land in the “mohalla clinic” and be given medical bail. A “sugar-for-bail” scam? But what is “deliberately” doing in the charge? How did the ED arrive at “deliberately”? Detecting “deliberately” requires a special divine level of investigative skill.
“The cause of concern is that he was prescribed home cooked food because he claimed he has high diabetes. Kejriwal is eating high sugar content food despite having type 2 diabetes. He is consuming ‘aloo poori’, mango, and sweets. This is being done to make grounds for medical bail,” ED told the court. “He was particularly consuming sweet food which is not permitted for any diabetic patient.”
That last sentence, “He was particularly consuming sweet food which is not permitted for any diabetic patient” should be scrapped clean of motive. There is no such thing as “sweet food is not permitted for any diabetic patient”. No doctor with a Hippocratic oath under his belt has a carte blanche to stop a diabetic from eating mangoes. The doctor will have knowledge and the meds to control blood sugar levels; beat the sugar in its game.
And aloo-poori. Hell, don’t the ED sleuths know “you live only once” and “aloo-poori” is a life-saver for both aam aadmi and aam aadmi chief minister. What’s the Enforcement Directorate doing checking tiffin, lunch and dinner? If the Aam Aadmi Party is complaining that Kejriwal’s blood sugar level is shooting through the Tihar roof for lack of insulin injections, get insulin through the Tihar gates. Insulin is not cocaine.
Also, AAP leaders like Atishi Marlena should give up playacting. Marlena’s allegation of a “conspiracy to kill Arvind in Tihar” is not in the menu just like the ED’s insistence that sugar shouldn’t be in Kejriwal’s food chart. Atishi should stop turning the pages of bedtime fantasies and canvas in Delhi’s streets. As it is, the times are bad for the Aam Aadmi Party and the need of the hour is level heads. So what if the Chief Minister cannot make it to the party, the party must go on.
The special judge has a tough call to make. Food cannot be denied to the AAP leader and Kejriwal belongs to the “Agarwal clan”. Agarwals have their own cuisine and taste-buds, with “sweets” a big part of the Agarwal’s daily fare. The court cannot skirt around this aspect and the ED cannot dictate, and enforce. Kejriwal is behind bars and the court has given him certain privileges. For somebody accused of spilling ‘sharab’ all over the tablecloth, Kejriwal can have his mangoes if he is paying for the “crime”.
For now, Kejriwal is a severe diabetic and carries a lot of blood sugar. Only the diabetic will understand why a diabetic has a craving for sugar and is addicted to ‘mithai’. Stress plays a role. Boredom and lack of exercise, also. The ED should stick to investigation and leave medical diagnosis to the medics. High blood sugar is no more life-threatening than blood sugar plummeting to the pits. As for mangoes, what else will an aam aadmi ask for? (IPA Service)


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