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NPP leader allegedly harasses Saleng’s PwD kin; row sparks


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In a video which has gone viral,
the specially-abled is made to state that he would vote for NPP while
he has party’s scarf on the neck

From Our Correspondent

TURA, April 19: Coming down heavily on a leader from the NPP, Kritenbirth Marak who allegedly posted a video of the disabled brother in law of Saleng Sangma, the Congress MP candidate for Tura seat allegedly trying to make him state that he would vote for the NPP with a NPP scarf around his neck.
In a statement, Vicky Rose N Sangma, vice president of Nengminja Mahari, stated that “the lowest of low politics is being played by Kritenberth, who is a leader of the NPP”. He has uploaded a video on social media where it can be seen that he has taken a differently-abled person, Milam N Sangma, and for his entertainment, put the scarf of NPP on him while asking him who he would vote for and then answering it himself.
Milam is the younger brother of Saleng’s former wife and the video has sparked outrage, not only within the Nengminza clan but across Garo Hills.
“It is clear that Kritenbirth’s actions are incomprehensible to Milam. We, the All Garo Hills Nengminja Chra Association, consider this offensive, as will every right thinking person, and condemn the actions. We also demand an unconditional public apology from him to the family of Milam and the Nengminja mahari as a whole, failing which we will go forward with the next logical course of action,” stated Vicky Rose.
The video was allegedly posted a few days prior to voting for the MP elections that took place on Friday.
Earlier in 2023, an advisory to all political parties of the country by Narendra Butolia, senior principal secretary, had sent an advisory to all to ensure people with disabilities (PwD) were protected from abuse, violence and exploitation during their campaigning.
The current video is in direct contravention of the government advisory.


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