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Tura Lok Sabha constituency-o pu·onani 81.37% ong·a


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TURA: Re·anggipa Sukrobar salo ong·atanggipa Lok Sabha election-o 2-Tura Parliamentary constituency-ni ning·o donggipa dam 24 Assembly constituency gimiko pu·onani 81.37 percent ong·aha.

West Garo Hills a·jao, Raksamgre (ST) Constituency-ni ning·o donggipa dingtang dingtang polling station-rango pu·onani gimik 79.89 percent ong·aha, Tikrikilla (ST) constituency-o 80.36% ong·aha, Phulbari (Gen) constituency-o 84.89 percent, Rajabala (Gen) constituency-o 87.41%, Selsella (ST) constituency-o 84.06%, Dadenggre (ST) constituency-o 83.51%, North Tura (ST) constituency-o 74.64%, South Tura (ST) constituency-o 71.54%, Rangsakona (ST) constituency-o 77.90%, Gambegre (ST) constituency-o 85.02% aro Dalu (ST) constituency-o 78.47 percent ong·skaaha.

North Garo Hills a·jao pu·onaniranga, Mendipathar (ST) constituency-o 78.17%, Resubelpara (ST) constituency-o 80.18% aro Bajengdoba (ST) constituency-o 81.09 percent ong·skaaha.

East Garo Hills a·jani damgittam Assembly constituency-rango manderangni pu·onaniko niatskagenchimode, Songsak (ST) constituency-o 83.95 percent, Rongjeng (ST) constituency-o sak 35,993 aro Williamnagar (ST) constituency-o 73.44 percent ong·skaaha.

South West Garo Hills a·jaoba ia chang Lok Sabha election-o pu·onani kraa gitan tang·doaha maina Ampati (ST) constituency-o 82.97%, Mahendraganj (Gen) constituency-o 82.08% aro Salmanpara (ST) constituency-o 82.75 percent gapaha.

South Garo Hills a·jao pu·onanirangko niatskagenchimode Rongara Siju (ST) constituency-o pu·onani 79.25 percent, Chokpot (ST) constituency-o 81.61% aro Baghmara (ST) constituency-o 79.09 percent ong·skaaha.

Tura Lok Sabha constituency-ni result-koba a·songni gipin Lok Sabha constituency-rang baksa June jani 4 tariko apsan parakna sienga. 


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