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UPSC porikkao chu·sokjani gimin Education Minister suk ong·gijaniko paraka


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SHILLONG: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)-ni ong·atgipa Civil Services Examination-o Meghalaya a·dokni candidate-rang chu·sokgipa ong·na man·jahani gimin Mongolbar salo, a·dokni Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma, suk ong·gijaniko parakataha.

2023 bilsiode UPSC-ni ong·atgipa Civil Service porikkaode Shillong-ni chatro saksa Swapnil Bhattacharya chu·sokgipa ong·e Meghalaya a·dokna mikkim rasongko ra·baahachim aro ua somoio ia chatro, All India Rank-o 344-gipa ong·ahachim.

Ia bilsio UPSC-ni ong·atanggipa Civil Services porikkao a·dokni candidate saksaba chu·sokgipa ong·na man·jahani gimin an·tangni suk ong·gijaniko parakatengon, ian namen rasong gribeani ong·aha aro iano maiba a·selrangba dongengnaba gnang ine Sangma aganaha.

“Ian sorkarina, institution-rangna, chatro chatrirangna aro a·dokni chadamberangna mikrakatani ong·enga. Chinga bebera·a a·dokni chatro chatrirangba gipinrangna bate ja·manchaka ong·ja indiba iandake Civil Service porikkao chu·sokna man·gijaniara namen jajrengna nangani ong·enga,” ine Sangma aganaha.

Meghalaya a·doko civil service officer-rangko ong·katatna man·jagenchimode mikkangchi a·dokna namen jajrengna nangani ong·enga ineba ua aganaha.

Education Minister-ni parakatani gitade, Civil Service porikkarango a·dokni chatro chatrirangni chu·sokna man·gijaniara curriculum aro institute-rangni a·selrangba ong·engnaba gnang.

“Uni gimin a·dokni institution-rang, chatro chatrirangko a·songni aro a·gilsakni gipin biaprango gitan be·enni gita aro gisikni gita iandakgipa porikkarangna tarisona nanga. Chingaba sorkarini gita, Civil Service porikkarangko sena sikenggiparangna training-rangko on·e dakchakanirangko on·enga indiba maini a·sel chatro chatrirang chu·sokna man·jaenga ukosa name ma·sijaenga,” ine Sangma aganaha.


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