Friday, May 31, 2024

DC issues restriction order for visits to Tolegre cave following discovery of fossil


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Baghmara, May 4: Following the discovery of a fossil in a cave in the village of Tolegre under South Garo Hills (SGH), the Deputy Commissioner, Shivansh Awasthi has, through an order, temporarily closed the cave where the fossil is present.

The DC through an order yesterday, May 3, informed all concerned that since research is still ongoing, the entrance to the cave will remain closed to the public temporarily until testing is completed.

The order further stated that in case if entry was required by any official or individual, permission could be obtained first from the DC.

In Mar this year, a group of explorers belonging to a non profit organization, Core Geo Expeditions made a discovery of what is suspected to be a fossil, aged between 35-40 million years, during their exploration of caves around the Tolegre area.

The fossil is suspected to belong to either the genus Rhodocetus or Ambulocetus (extinct now). This prehistoric animal is believed to be the land ancestor of the whale.

Following the discovery, the CGE has sought the verification of the fossil through the district administration by the Geological Survey of India, whose team is expected any day to authenticate the findings of the group.



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