Monday, May 27, 2024

Darechikgre songni manderangna cha·ani tarianiko skie on·a


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TURA: Central Agricultural University (CAU)-ni ning·o donggipa Tura-ni Community Science College-ni gita dingtangmancha Gambegre Block-ni Darechikgre songo training program-ko ong·atangenba, songni manderangna cha·ani tarianirangko skie on·angaha.

Songni nokni manderangna janggi tangani cholrangko on·na gita ia program-ko North East Hills Development Initiative-ni bak gita ong·ataha aro ia program-ko ong·atanio Community Science College-ni skigipa Dr Natasha R Marak-ni nirokanichi, songni sak 10 manderangna cha·ani tarianiko skie on·angaha.

Ia songni manderangna skie on·anirang matchotani ja·man, college-ni Dean Dr Jyoti V Vastrad-ni dilanichi ia songo bakery ba cha·ani tariani karkanako kulina gita nangchongmotgipa bosturangkoba suale on·angaha.

Ia songo cha·ani tarianiko skie ra·gipa sak 10 manderang, an·tangtangni unit ba dolko ‘Daldro’ ine mingaha aro uamang da·o an·tangtangni janggi tangani gadangko tang·doatna gita cha·anirangko tarie palskagnok.

Ia songni manderangna bakery ba cha·ani tariani bosturangko suale on·angengon, ia namgipa kamko dakdilahani gimin Community Science College-ni Dean Dr Jyoti V Vastrad, Dr Kh R Aimol aro Dr Natasha R Marak-ko mittelpilangaha. An·tangtangni janggi tanganiko namdapatna gita rakbee kamrangko ka·china gita ua songni manderangkoba didiangaha.


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