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TMC leader accuses MDA of favouritism


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TURA, June 16: TMC youth leader from Garo Hills, Richard Marak on Sunday alleged widespread corruption, mismanagement, and favouritism taking place in the state, questioning how long the people could turn a blind eye to such blatant disregard for transparency and fairness.
According to Marak, the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) had allocated Rs 126.94 crore for the construction of the Tura IT Park. This funding is part of a broader plan to address issues such as inadequate connectivity, gaps in the social sector, and to stimulate growth in the Northeastern states, he claimed. “However, the Tura IT Park project has reportedly been awarded to Badri Rai and Company, the same company responsible for the collapse of the Meghalaya Assembly dome and PA Sangma Stadium wall. This company was also allegedly involved in a financial misconduct incident linked to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma’s convoy, where a vehicle containing Rs 1 crore was confiscated in Arunachal Pradesh before the election. This incident raises significant concerns about potential corruption and illicit financial activities, casting a shadow over the transparency and integrity of the state’s leadership,” Marak said.
Marak demanded a comprehensive and independent investigation by a central agency to uncover the truth behind these incidents and patterns of favouritism and corruption, ensure accountability for those responsible for mismanagement and financial misconduct, review all major contracts awarded in recent years to identify systemic issues and conflicts of interest, and recommend reforms to prevent future occurrences of corruption and mismanagement.
Marak felt that awarding another major contract to the company, despite its questionable track record, highlighted a serious lapse in judgment and oversight.
Citing another instance of corruption, Marak on behalf of the party condemned the MDA Government’s emerging policy of consolidating small projects and repair works into large packages, effectively sidelining local contractors.
“This practice not only undermines local businesses but also exposes the government’s disregard for promoting local entrepreneurship and economic development. Are local contractors expected to compete on an uneven playing field? There is a consistent pattern of contracts being awarded to non-local contractors across various major projects. This approach not only undermines local businesses but also suggests a bias detrimental to the economic interests of Meghalaya’s citizens,” he said.


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