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Austin Butler talks about Swift DJing at Paul McCartney’s ‘insane’ house paty


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Hollywood star Austin Butler opened up about the “insane” house party thrown by singer Paul McCartney, where pop star Taylor Swift “was DJing at one point.”
“Last time I saw you was at maybe the craziest party I’ve ever been to in my whole life,” Jimmy Kimmel told the Elvis star.
“That was insane,” said Butler about the party held at McCartney’s home. He added, “Do you want to list some of (the guests)?”
“It was a party where, like, Tom Hanks is going, ‘Oh, my God, can you believe who’s here?’ Right?” responded Kimmel.
“The living Beatles, the living (Rolling) Stones, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen.”
“To see Paul and Ringo (Starr) in the same room was kind of amazing,” Butler said.
He also recalled how Springsteen told him a story about writing a song for Elvis Presley and sneaking onto the King’s property to convince him to record it, reports
Swift “was DJing at one point,” Butler revealed, without specifying what tunes she was spinning.
He added, “She has to DJ at parties now.”
Asked who he was most starstruck by, he quipped, “Besides you?” Butler picked Meryl Streep.
“She’s just the greatest. You know in high school when you have a crush on somebody and they’re across the room and you don’t know how to say hello to them? That’s how it was.”
Butler then “went into Paul McCartney’s kitchen and ate some of his vegan pizza,” he recalled.
When a friend insisted on introducing him to the 74-year-old Oscar winner, he added, “I couldn’t believe I was meeting Meryl Streep with Paul McCartney’s vegan pizza in my mouth.” (IANS)


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