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MDA Govt has failed the people


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Apropos of the editorial in The Shillong Times dated June 18, 2024, I would like to share my observations. In this State of ours, every scheme, every policy, plan, decision, every work of the Government invariably takes a U- turn when it comes to implementation. I vividly remember an interview of Social Welfare Minister, Paul Lyngdoh pertaining to the appointment of the Chairperson of the State Commission for Women. When the Minister was asked why the delay in appointment of an incumbent to head the Commission, his prompt reply was, “Delay? Where is the delay? There is no delay.” Such a dismissive and non-committal statement from the Minister has naturally resulted in the non- appointment of a Chairperson till date. The graph of crimes against children, girls and domestic violence are on a speedy rise yet the Commission specifically constituted to tackle such crimes is rudderless for such a long time. Does this MDA Government care about the fate of women and children who are raped and assaulted regularly? Or are they waiting till it affects their own homes and families?
Another very important aspect is the fate of our landfill- Marten which had handled and is still handling the pressure of hundreds of tons of waste and is at the brink of spilling over to the road or to the Umiam lake. This matter remains unresolved. In the past, many ministers in charge of this MDA 1 & 2 along with pressure groups and members of Mawlai youth bodies have visited the place and had promised to take up the work on a war footing by tackling the matter with modern technology so as to help the Marten dumping ground sustain the onslaught of waste from the city so that it can still be a sustainable landfill. But the irony is that it’s all words and promises that lack sincerity and true commitment. They were spoken just for the heck of it and Marten continues to suffer.
Now Marten is in a terminal stage. Prove me wrong if I remind readers that only last year the KHADC had also pledged to tackle the Marten catastrophe with financial help from the World Bank. Alas! This promise too seems to have gone to the drain. This present Government is in a sleeping mode and as such fails to prioritize the needs of the people and tackle those on a war footing until completion stage. But as citizens we know we can no longer trust the Government with regards to its obligations and responsibilities.
Coming to the Smart City project the less said about this the better. Maybe it will materialize only after half a century but certainly not during my lifetime. At this snail’s pace and non- committal attitude from our Government it will take decades to see the four lane roads in Shillong and perhaps the railways too are not likely to come here even in the distant future. In fact the list on the non- committal nature of the Government about its duties and responsibilities is a very lengthy one and could go on and on. So what and who is the Government really existing for? Can those heading the Government dare to answer the citizens’ burning questions?
Yours etc.,
Helen Dkhar,
Via email

Deplorable condition of NH6 in East Jaintia Hills District
The deplorable conditions of National Highway 6 (NH6) in East Jaintia Hills District from Tongseng to Malidor Village is shameful for the state as a whole as it connects to other neighbouring states like Assam, Mizoram and Tripura. It reflects the inability of our State to take stock the situation. As rightly stated by some media that NH-6 is so bad it does not deserve National Highway tag. This is very true indeed. What is of greater concern is that it affects the daily commuters especially the sick people who require to reach hospital in time for urgent medical treatment.
Further, the road is marred by potholes, cracks and uneven surfaces that hinder smooth transportation of goods and other basic necessities. The poor road conditions also lead to traffic jams as vehicles have less space to pass each other and the passengers are stranded for long hours before reaching their destination. As such I feel that everyone should support the protest called by the JAC over non repairs of NH-6 along East Jaintia Hills District because through protests people come together over issues that might not affect their representatives directly but they rise up against perceived wrongdoing by those in power who have consistently failed to look after the welfare of the State and people as a whole. As we have seen from the local newspapers the residents have frequently voiced their concerns about the poor condition of the road but till date they have not got the desired resolution from the authorities. Hence, through this letter I appeal to the concerned authorities to kindly do the needful at the earliest so as to avoid any untoward incident as well as to bring back the loss faith and reputation of our State because poor conditions of road reflect the inefficiency and failure of the elected representatives and the Government as a whole.
Yours etc.,
Iahmi Khyriem,

Leave church matters alone
I respect the views expressed by the writer of the letter captioned “Whistle blowers versus dog whistling (ST, 18.06.2024)”. However, I find it amusing likening ‘the insiders in the church’ who keep flagging the issue of alleged corrupt practices in the church to ‘whistle-blowers’. I don’t know whether the meaning and application of whistle-blowers is properly understood, especially in the context of the church.
I humbly believe that ecclesiastical matters should be dealt with differently as opposed to secular matters, subserving the sanctity of the church though without compromising on truth and justice.
The fact of the matter is that there is no question of and there is no need for any whistle-blower(s) as far as the affairs in the Mawkhar Presbyterian Church are concerned, because as stated, the church itself in 2019 had announced the swindling of a huge amount from its funds following which an FIR was filed by the church and subsequently, the matter became sub-judice. Once the court is seized of the matter, the law would take its own course. Therefore, there is no question of anybody trying to cover up or bury the matter in a hush-hush manner as is being suggested. The truth will finally come out one day.
The relevant question here is whether some have lost faith in the judicial process/system that they have to keep stirring up the matter in public domain through the media and that too, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. This would serve no purpose other than giving credence to the belief that there could be some hidden agenda or a vicious campaign against the church and some of its leaders.
What would really help the church at this time is for its members with some issues, questions, doubts, or even suggestions to formally write to the Church Committee or meet it in person because I believe that everything can be addressed and settled amicably without having to resort to other means not in line with the church and its working. I also hope that the church would do its part honourably and responsibly.
As believers, we are reminded not to conform to the world but rather transform it by the renewing of our minds. I hope we all pay heed to it.
Yours etc.,
V B Lyngdoh
Shillong- 2


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