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Dire need for teachers on Environmental Studies


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I am writing to stress the critical importance of having trained Environmental Studies teachers in our schools and colleges. Environment education is not just another subject; it is a vital component of our students’ education that prepares them to understand and tackle the pressing environmental challenges of our time. When Environmental Studies is taught by educators who lack specific training in the subject, the impact on students is significantly diminished. These teachers, often from different fields, may prioritize completing the course over delivering the content effectively and engagingly. Their primary focus remains on their main subjects, resulting in a superficial treatment of environmental topics, which fail to inspire or inform students adequately.
Environmental Studies require specialized knowledge and teaching strategies that only trained educators can provide. These teachers are equipped with the skills to connect theoretical concepts with real-world applications, making the subject relevant and compelling. Their passion and expertise foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of environmental issues among students, empowering them to become informed and proactive citizens. Not everyone can teach Environmental Studies efficiently. It demands a comprehensive grasp of ecological principles, environmental policies, and sustainable practices, coupled with the ability to convey these concepts effectively. Trained Environmental Studies teachers possess this unique combination of knowledge and pedagogical skill, ensuring that students receive a meaningful and impactful education. Investing in trained Environmental Studies teachers is an investment in our future. By ensuring that this subject is taught by dedicated professionals, we can cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who are equipped to make a positive difference in our world.
Yours etc.,
JK Jana,

Please restore power in Mookhep village

I am a resident of Mookhep village, East Jaintia Hills district and it is very sad to say that the village has been without electricity for weeks due to a blown transformer. There has been no response at all from the Power Department which has just turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the people residing in this small village, Through your esteemed daily I would like to awaken those people and request them to please understand the situation and the sufferings that we have to face and get the transformer fixed as early as possible.
Yours etc.,
Nissar Fazil,
Mookhep village E.J.H

Sexual violence reaches its pinnacle

Nearly every second day news channels, newspapers, radio, social media and all sources of information invariably carry news of sexual abuse, rape and murder of women and girls. What is disturbing is that these crimes are not limited only to perpetrators who are strangers but most of the perpetrators of these crimes are people known to the girl/woman and the family. It could be an uncle, a cousin, a brother, a father and in the most recent case it is a friend. Yes, a friend that lured the 4 minor girls to go to a nearby village only to be raped by a group of 12 men. It is disquieting to even imagine the cries of helplessness, vulnerability and the pain that they may have endured while the monsters incarnate overpowered them. These girls will not only live with this scar but they must be going through mental trauma, depression, suicidal tendencies, low self-esteem and much more.
What happened to the four minor girls from South West Khasi Hills District must make us reflect at the way the world is moving even while we must find reasons as to why our women and girls are subjected to violence and atrocities especially in this century. The root cause must be determined though it may not be wrong to read that such heinous crimes are committed and are so rampant because of a sick and unhealthy mentality, perverted mindset and corrupted souls of the opposite sex. The other reason being the lack of conviction rates for such crimes.
Our judicial system is such that perpetrators of crime are seldom awarded any punishment for heinous crimes committed by them or if awarded it usually amounts to only a few years jail term. The judicial process is so lengthy and tedious that it takes the victim years to get justice. At times it is even justice denied since justice is delayed.
If we take a look at the events around us it appears that our society is becoming an unsafe place for women and girls in particular. The hands no longer shiver while we rape, murder, loot, kill and plunder! Violence of any form is detrimental to the wellbeing of the citizens. It is a disease that if not tamed will plague the entire society. What has been witnessed in the past few months in our state are various forms of violence meted out on innocent people whose lives are scarred for life or whose lives have been wiped out from the face of this earth. Ironically, we need to fear no monster or alien but fellow human beings with flesh and blood. What could be sadder than to have to live in a society amidst fear and suspicion? Yet this is how we are made to live our lives.
What needs pondering is that as elders, parents, guardians, young people, the law makers, law upholders and the society as a whole shouldn’t we be conscious, aware and alert about the violence, cruelty and brutality prevalent in and around us? Have we become so immoral that we lack fellow feelings? Have we stooped so low that we don’t shudder to inflict pain on anybody? Have we become so arrogant that we fear nobody? It looks like we have, otherwise things would have taken a different turn. Conscience would not be taking a back seat. Is this the world that we would like to pass on to our children?
Thus, collectively and unitedly we must work together to ensure that our girls, women, men and children are safe and can live their lives without any fear. Let us nurture our young boys and girls to become conscientious and responsible human beings for the peaceful coexistence of all in this world.
Yours etc.,
Jenniefer Dkhar,
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