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Notification aims to regulate administration, asserts CEM


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SHILLONG, July 7: KHADC Chief Executive Member (CEM) Pyniaid Sing Syiem, on Sunday, defended the June 24 notification issued by his Executive Committee (EC), emphasising that it aimed solely to regulate the administration and functioning of Hima Sohra.
“We issued the notification to revoke the September 2020 order, which had eliminated nine out ofeleven conditions set in 2019,” Syiem told The Shillong Times. He explained that these conditions, established during his tenure as Deputy CEM, were intended to regulate the issuance of land documents and No Objection Certificates (NOC) to non-tribals in Majai by Hima Sohra.
Syiem cited complaints about the rampant issuance of NOCs to non-tribals by Hima Sohra to obtain trading licences from the KHADC as a reason for reviewing the matter. He also alleged that Hima Sohra had been issuing land documents (dulir) to non-tribals, prompting the need for stricter regulation.
The KHADC CEM explained that the September 2020 order had allowed Hima Sohra to operate without sufficient regulation, as it removed nine of the eleven conditions set in 2019. “We decided to reintroduce the Raid system in Majai to curb the rampant issuance of NOCs and land documents to non-tribals. Therefore, we revoked the September 2020 order to reintroduce the Raid system,” Syiem asserted.
Addressing confusion surrounding the June 24 notification, Syiem clarified that the KHADC did not intend to grant independence to the Raid in managing its affairs. “It is just a miscommunication. Our goal was to streamline the functioning of Hima Sohra by reintroducing the Raid system in Majai. There is no intention to allow the Raid to function independently,” he said.
Syiem emphasised that the Raid’s administration would remain under the jurisdiction of Hima Sohra according to customs and practices. He further noted that the Sordar and Rangbah Shnongs in the nine villages under Raid Majai are Khasi, questioning the sense of insecurity among Hima Sohra’s leadership. “The land will still fall under the custody of Hima Sohra as per custom and practice,” he assured.
Rubbishing claims by Freeman, Syiem of Hima Sohra, that he had requested the removal of the Executive Dorbar’s secretary, the KHADC CEM clarified that Freeman sought a meeting with him on June 11. “I did not mention the removal of any particular individual. I only suggested that those responsible for the rampant issuance of NOCs and land documents should be removed,” he added.


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