Friday, July 19, 2024

Salgira, Evander Sangma shine in Motocross challenge 2024 in Tura


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TURA, July 7: The Molmegre village in West Garo Hills buzzed with excitement on July 5 and 6 as it hosted the 2024 Friendly Motocross Challenge, organized by the Dura Motorsports and Adventure Club.
The event saw fierce competition across various categories, including Two Stroke, Beginners, Novice, Expert, Open Garo Hills Champion, Scooty, and Legend.
A total of 24 participants showcased their skills and grit, vying for the top spots in their respective categories. In the Beginners category, the winners were Salgira T. Sangma from Bajong, Kanan, and Heyko Momin from Tura. The Novice category saw Salgira T. Sangma from Bajong taking the top spot, followed by Rakkim Marak and Ezikiel Sangma, both from Tura.
The Expert category featured a thrilling competition, with Evander Sangma from Molmegre clinching first place, while Chengseng Ch. Marak and Aring M. Sangma secured the second and third positions. In the Two Stroke category, Tenzy Sangma emerged victorious, with Aring Sangma and Apnine Dangma rounding out the top three.The Open Cross category was dominated by Evander Sangma, Chengseng Ch. Marak, and Tenzy Sangma, who finished first, second, and third respectively.
The Scooty category saw Bend Kelly, Balkim Marak, and Evan D. Sangma (not to be confused with the previous Evander) taking the top honors.
The event was a testament to the growing passion for motocross in the region, bringing together riders from various backgrounds to celebrate their shared love for the sport.
The 2024 Friendly Motocross Challenge in West Garo Hills concluded with a wave of enthusiasm and camaraderie among participants and spectators alike.


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