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Next few poll meetings will shape Prez Biden’s future


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By Kalyani Shankar

U.S. President Joe Biden’s underwhelming performance in the 2024 presidential debate last week raised concerns due to his apparent fatigue, forgetfulness, and confusion. This has caused uncertainty among supporters despite Biden’s attempts to reassure them in the post-debate period. Even last week, during a speech in Madison, Wisconsin, he initially said he would “beat Donald Trump again in 2020” before correcting himself to “2024,” which added to the uncertainty.
According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Biden has defended himself about three things. First, his support stayed pretty much the same after the debate. Secondly, most party voters want him to continue. The last point is that other options are not better.
President Biden has demonstrated resilience in the face of pressure to step down. He confidently declared at a rally in Madison that he would run and win again, which cheered his supporters and reassured some doubters within the party.
President Biden’s improved performance in his public appearances post-debate has the potential to significantly reshape his chances in the upcoming election and the prospects of the Democratic Party. This shift in dynamics could bring a sense of hope and anticipation to the party.
Next month, the Democratic Party will nominate President Biden as its 2024 Presidential candidate in a virtual convention. This event will officially confirm Biden’s candidacy and establish the party’s campaign strategy.
If Biden stays in the race, it will be tough for any other candidate to win the Democratic nomination. This is because the party rules give Biden a big advantage. These rules include specific guidelines for delegate allocation and influence. of super delegates.
If Biden were to resign, who would take his place? With only four months before the 2024 election, finding the right person takes a lot of work. This shows how serious the situation is.
Kamala Harris, the current Vice President and Joe Biden’s running mate, is the top contender for the upcoming presidential election. Many believe that she has the advantage. However, her lack of popularity could be a significant challenge, as 49% of Americans disapprove of her according to polling averages. Republicans hope Harris will become the Democratic presidential nominee, believing it will benefit Trump’s campaign. The Trump campaign has launched an ad with the slogan: “This November, vote Republican. Stop Kamala.”
A recent poll by Reuters/Ipsos showed that Michelle Obama could win against Trump in November. However, Michelle has repeatedly said she does not aspire to be President, so it’s doubtful she will run.
Several names are being floated to replace President Biden. This includes at least six governors: Gavin Newsom from California, Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan, Josh Shapiro from Pennsylvania, J. B. Pritzker from Illinois, and Ro Khanna, a representative from California. Each of these potential candidates has their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Gavin Newsom is the favourite. Their potential to run for office would have different effects on the Democratic Party and the upcoming election.
After the debate, polls from CNN, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal showed that Biden is six points behind Trump in the country. Biden is also trailing in the most crucial states he won in 2020 elections.. Furthermore, other states he won—Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Virginia—now seem uncertain. In 2020, four months before the election, Biden was 9 points ahead in the polls. However, he eventually won the election with 51.25% of the popular vote, compared to Trump’s 46.8%. This data suggests Biden may face a more challenging race in 2024 than 2020.
When asked whether he could run the country for another term, he told ABC in a recent interview. “I believe so; I wouldn’t be running ‘ if I didn’t think I did. Look, I’m running again because I believe I understand best what has to be done to take this nation to a completely new level. We’re on our way.”
Polls reveal that voters are more concerned about whether the 81-year-old President could manage another four years in the White House than his 78-year-old rival.. Biden needs to be more competent to win in November.
Biden was confident when he said, “If the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I’d get out of the race,” but added, “The Lord Almighty’s not coming down.” So, it is up to God Almighty to go down and ask him to keep out of the race. Trump quietly observes Biden’s challenging position.
India has had a good rapport with both Trump and Biden. There is also bipartisan support. Therefore, it is unlikely that their South Asia and India policies will change, given the growing economic influence of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also has a good rapport with both of them.
Biden is facing challenges as he moves toward November. 5. Trump has raised a lot of money and still has support from his party despite some court decisions going against him. Both candidates are trying to harm each other’s reputation. Elections are unpredictable, especially with four months to go. Anything can happen. (IPA Service)


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