Herbal swimming pool for patients with spinal problems

By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: Prominent Khasi traditional healer Dr John Kharduit is coming up with a herbal tank swimming pool for treating people who are suffering from spinal problems.

The tank is located within the precincts of the proposed 18-bedded nursing home whose foundation stone was laid by Chairman, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi, Major HPS Ahluwalia, at Thangsning village near Smit in East Khasi Hills on Thursday.

“We are coming up with the herbal tank swimming pool to treat people who are suffering from spinal injuries. This swimming pool is a unique remedy for treating spinal problems which are afflicting an increasing number of people at present,” Dr Kharduit said while speaking to reporters before the laying of the foundation stone of Dr John Herbal Nursing Home.

When asked how the patients are being treated, he said people suffering from the spinal problems are treated using various therapy while lying in the swimming pool.

He said that people suffering from spinal problems have responded positively to this new form of treatment. “It is a great thing that this type of treatment would be available for the people of this region,” the Khasi traditional healer said.

Dr Kharduit informed that he plans to set up an institute inside the nursing home where he would teach others who are keen to follow in his footsteps and become herbal medical practitioners.

“I strongly believe that the skills which God has gifted me should be passed on to others. It would be selfish on my part if I do not share my knowledge with others,” he said, adding that transmitting knowledge would also mean that this traditional form of healing would pass on from one generation to another.

Dr Kharduit said that he would not put any restrictions on people who wish to leave the institution and start their independent practice after completing their training.

“I would be more than happy if people continue to stay and work in the institute,” the Khasi traditional healer said. Meanwhile, he revealed that the cost for constructing the nursing home is roughly about Rupees two crore and that the tentatively deadline for completing the project is two years.

When asked if he received any financial support from the Government, Kharduit said that he has been trying to get financial assistance from the Government since he conceptualized the project in 2003. “But after nearly ten years, I have not got a positive response from the Government to support this dream project,” Dr Kharduit said.

Seeing that Government is not keen to support the project, he decided to take it up on his own. “At the moment I do not have the required resources to complete the project. But I am hopeful of completing the project as scheduled,” the Khasi traditional healer said.

Later, after laying the foundation stone, Major Ahluwalia who relies on a wheelchair to move around after he was wounded during a war in 1965, said that it is heartening to see a long cherished dream of Dr Kharduit to construct the nursing home becoming a reality.

“Dr John’s dream of setting up this hospital cum research institute is truly a noble cause and a vibrant expression of his desire to serve his fellow human beings,” he lauded.

Ahluwalia however expressed his grief over the loss of many of the unique plants which threatens “our ability to treat illnesses and diseases.”

“We may be wiping out future cancer cures in our rush to build roads through these pristine forests. Many indigenous tribes have medicine men with great knowledge of the medicinal values of particular plants species within the tropical forests,” Ahluwalia said. He also saluted Kharduit for dedicating his life to the service of fellow beings and towards preserving natural heritage.

Ahluwalia also suggested that Kharduit adopt the nearby villages for preserving medicinal plants and selling the same to Dr John’s Herbal Nursing institute.

“That way we can preserve not only the medicinal plants but help to improve the livelihoods of the villagers,” Ahluwalia suggested.

Major Ahluwalia donated Rs 1 lakh towards Dr Kharduit’s nursing home.

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