Mawshynrut BCC spreads Christmas message

From Our Correspondent

NONGSTOIN: The Mawshynrut Block Congress Committee (MBCC) on Christmas Eve visited Shallang in West Khasi Hills in order to spread the spirit of Christmas.

During their visit they gifted Christmas presents to 20 disabled persons. Chairing the occasion was Robert Sohbar President of Shallang Primary Unit of the Congress.

Also present at the occasion were Maham Sing Sangma Headman Rongkhugre, Endos Marak Leader from Dalbot, Bostic Mawsor Lecturer Nongstoin College, Eblin Syiemlieh president Mahila Congress Mawshynrut AC and Shaining Puwein President Block Youth Congress.

During his speech, Robert highlighted the aim of the MBCC. He informed that the MBCC was not only a political party but also an organization that was dedicated to the service of the society. He also said that the aim of the occasion was to encourage the physically disabled persons to work hard and to keep the feeling that they were disabled at bay. He added that the UPA govt had various schemes for physically challenged people and that they could avail them.

Also present at the occasion was Methodious Dkhar the Chief Guest, who highlighted the various schemes initiated and implemented by the UPA govt. During his speech he also urged the youth of the area to join national parties and to refrain from joining regional parties. He advised the youth that regional parties were short-lived and thus did not have a future.

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