Opp resolution on ILP defeated in KHADC

House witnesses high drama

Laitkroh MDC Carmel Sohtun raises a black flag during KHADC session on Thursday.
Laitkroh MDC Carmel Sohtun raises a black flag during KHADC session on Thursday.

SHILLONG: The on going KHADC session witnessed a high drama on Thursday with the executive committee (EC) rejecting a resolution on ILP moved by Opposition.

Through the resolution the Opposition members wanted to urge the State Government to implement ILP system in the State to check entry of outsiders.

The Chairman FB Lyngdoh put the resolution, jointly moved by MDC Adelbert Nongrum (KHNAM), Tistosstarwell Chyne (UDP) and Laitkroh MDC Carmel Sohtun for voting after the members refused to withdraw it.

The CEM Pynshngain N Syiem requested the members to withdraw the resolution since “it is not proper for the Council to take up subjects like ILP which is under the jurisdiction of the State Government.”

The movers had argued that it should not be a problem for the Executive Committee (EC) to support the resolution since they would only be urging the State Government to implement ILP. “It is for the Government to accept or reject the request of the Council,” the movers of the resolution argued. In the voting, 11 members who were present voted against the resolution while six voted for it.

The two HSPDP members LG Nongsiej and KP Pangngiang voted against the resolution which has come as a surprise since the party recently moved a resolution for implementation of ILP in the State Assembly.

The UDP was a divided house as two of its members — Chyne and Mawlai MDC Embhah Syiemlieh voted in favour of the resolution, two others MDC, who were part of the Congress-led Executive Committee (EC) Remington Pyngrope (Deputy CEM) and Teinwell Dkhar (Executive Member in charge Labour), voted against it.

However, Congress MDCs including Lambor Malngiang, Rasor Rani, Dr Celestine Lyngdoh and Manstudy Nongrem were conspicuous by their absence when the resolution was taken up for voting.

Sohiong MDC and Transport Minister HDR Lyngdoh rushed from Delhi only to be present when the resolution was taken up for voting. Soon after the resolution was defeated, the dejected Laitkroh MDC (Carmel Sohtun) raised a ‘black flag’ in protest which surprised many present in the House. Earlier, while moving the resolution, Nongrum said the Government should not have any problem in implementing ILP since it is not a new legislation.

Sohra UDP MDC Tistosstarwell Chyne said that as elected representatives, they cannot remain silent spectators in these type sensitive issues.

“We can also urge the Government to break this deadlock by inviting the agitating groups for talks,” he said.

Other who participated in the discussion include Embhah Syiemlieh, Latiplang Kharkongor, James Ban Basaiawmoit and KP Pangngiang.

In reply, KHADC CEM Pynshngain N Syiem said that he does not feel it is proper for the Council to interfere on the subjects which outside its purview.

He said that the Council would like to focus on the subjects which are within its jurisdiction.

“We already tabled the Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Village Administration) Bill, 2013 which is expected to be passed in this session to address the issue of influx,” Syiem said.

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