Governor awaits return of VAB by Centre

CEM demands recall of nominated MDC file

Governor V Shanmuganathan in a discussion with KHADC chief PN Syiem at Raj Bhawan on Tuesday. (ST)
Governor V Shanmuganathan in a discussion with KHADC chief PN Syiem at Raj Bhawan on Tuesday. (ST)

SHILLONG: The KHADC has urged Governor V Shanmuganathan to request the Centre to speed up the process of examining the KHAD (Village Administration) Bill, 2015 and accordingly sent it back to his office for early approval.
A KHADC delegation led by its chief PN Syiem met the Governor on Tuesday to know the status of the Bill.
According to the delegation, the Governor asked them to be patient and assured that he would follow up the matter.
Later addressing media persons, Syiem said that the Governor was awaiting the arrival of the Bill from the MHA following which he would give his assent.
“We have urged the Governor to remind the MHA to deliver the Bill to him after they are done with the scrutiny,” Syiem said.
It may be mentioned that the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) VAB, was amended as per the advice of the Governor following which he gave his assent while the KHADC VAB is pending with the MHA.
It was referred by the Governor to the MHA for further examination and to seek the constitutional validity of the Bill.
Meanwhile on the issue pertaining to the nominated MDC, the KHADC CEM said, “We have urged the Governor to stick to the rule before taking any decision on the matter.”
The delegation urged him to recall the file containing the name of J. Reenbohn from the State Government and give his approval.
“The nominated MDC Reenbohn was unanimously proposed and this proposal has been appreciated by the people.” Syiem said.
According to Syiem,  proper procedure was followed to propose Reenbohn’s name.
He reiterated that Assam Meghalaya District Council Rules, sub rule 2 of Rule 6 states that the District Council may submit its recommendation of a nominated MDC to the Governor.
In this connection, Syiem pointed out, “On any matter related to the State Government, the Governor can seek the approval of the Council of Ministers, but the District Council is under the 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, so we urge the Governor to grant his approval taking into the consideration the consensus in the House.”
While the KHADC had recommended the name of Reenbohn, the state government had sent the name of former MDC Irene Lyngdoh for consideration of the Governor. The  Governor sent both the names back to the state government to avoid the confusion.
It was learnt that during the meeting of the delegation, the Governor did not give any specific assurance.

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