‘Iconic’ praise for Conrad is paid PR stunt: MPYC

SHILLONG: The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) has said it would continue to oppose the citizenship bill and expose Conrad Sangma, who is doing only “lip service”.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, MPYC president Richard M Marak said “some unknown person called Hayithung Bill Lotha” was praising Conrad for thwarting the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Rajya Sabha.
Lotha, who is the national secretary of BJP’s Schedule Tribe Morcha, had called Sangma “an iconic NE hero”.
“Looks very much like a paid PR stunt to save face for all the fiasco that Conrad Sangma has been facing recently regarding his lip service protest against the CAB of his political masters. Who Lotha is no one knows or cares and how he represents the NE people to hail a failing pseudo-leader/puppet as an iconic hero is beyond understanding,” said Marak.
Calling Sangma “spineless”, the MPYC leader said he is inconsequential in the BJP’s greater scheme of things.
“PM Narendra Modi declared in Jammu on Sunday that the BJP was committed to the CAB and then the BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav has also informed that CAB will be placed for approval in the Rajya Sabha as a supplementary bill. And lastly, Conrad Sangma was again ignored and did not get an audience with the PM. Major PR failure. The people of Meghalaya and the North East are not fools,” Marak’s statement said.
Fill vacancies in
Tura Civil Hospital
The MPYC on Wednesday requested the state government to expeditiously fill the posts left vacant by transfers in Tura Civil Hospital. Several doctors in important posts have been transferred.
A delegation of MPYC led by its president Richard and Tura LYC general secretary Stevie Marak, who is also the MDC of Boldamgre constituency, visited Tura Civil Hospital and met the superintendent, Dr. Minakshi A Sangma, on Wednesday.
It transpired from the discussion with her that the transfers were based on seniority of the doctors and are carried out at this stage of their careers.
Since the transfers would
affect the running of some important departments, the MPYC has decided to take up the matter with the government to fill up the vacancies with qualified replacements on an urgent basis before any unfortunate incidents happen due to these departments not functioning properly.
“These are crucial departments and before the transfer of the doctors, replacements should already have been found to take their place. Both the transfer orders for the doctors and their replacements should have been made on the same day and the replacements should have come immediately. Since we will be taking reports every day regarding this matter, we would like to request the government to expedite the process at the earliest.” The MPYC said.

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