Meghalaya notifies long pepper, bay leaf as agriculture crops

SHILLONG:  Meghalaya Government has notified that the wild black pepper will now be ‘long pepper’ for all intents and purpose and that tezpatta (Bay Leaf) and long pepper will henceforth be the mandated crops of the agriculture department.

Meanwhile, Mawsynram MLA and Congress leader, HM Shangpliang has hailed the decision of the Government to notify Tezpatta (Bay Leaf) and long pepper   as Agriculture produce and not a forest produce any more.

He said that the Government is also in the process of approving broomstick as non forest produce.

Terming it as a historic moment Shangpliang farmers all along have to pay taxes to the State Government and District Council gates but with the decision of the Government, they would no longer be required to pay taxes and they can grow more plants which would fetch good money to them

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