Bee-keeping a profitable business: Nongpoh MLA

Nongpoh: The office of the District Horticulture Officer of Ri Bhoi on Wednesday organised programme celebrating Honey-Bee 2019 on the premises of the District Agriculture Office in Saiden.
The programme was attended by Nongpoh MLA Mayralborn Syiem in the presence of District Agriculture Officer William Pakyntein, District Horticulture Officer G Shylla, Director of RRTC Umran, Fr. Joseph, Assistant Director of Horticulture, Nongpoh, KB Lakiang, Executive Engineer, Water Resources, S Nadon, officers from the Agriculture, Horticulture department and local farmers of the district.
In his address to the gathering, Mayralborn Syiem lauded the initiative of the officers of the Horticulture Department for organising the event which highlighted the importance and profit of bee-keeping to farmers.
Syiem urged the farmers and officers to work hand-in hand in uplifting the economy of the people and to raise their voice with regard to issues they face.
He also urged the unemployed youths to take up bee-keeping as it is easier to maintain compared to other agricultural activities.
Earlier, the Assistant Director of Horticulture, KB Lakiang informed the gathering that World Honey Bee Day is usually celebrated on May 20, every year, but due to the Lok Sabha elections this year, the department decided to reschedule it to June 12 and named it Honey Bee Day 2019.
He also informed that the production of goney in the district has increased tremendously compared to previous years.
Meanwhile, District Agriculture Officer, William Pakyntein said that bees are very important to nature as they help plants reproduce through pollination.
Lakiang also urged the farmers to protect and preserve bees as well as to encourage other farmers to take up bee-keeping.

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