Criminal gang busted

TURA: North Garo Hills police have busted a gang of highway robbers and arrested three members of the group in a series of raids at different places in the region.The group had been active along NH-62 highway that passes between north and east Garo hills district waylaying passing commuters and robbing them of their valuables. Most of the crimes occured along the Dainadubi-Wageasi stretch of the highway bordering the two districts.The raids led to the recovery of a countrymade single barrel shotgun used by the criminals to intimidate passing commuters and commit crime. A bolero vehicle was recently shot at by the gang during one such robbery attempt on the highway.
The arrested criminals have been identified as Sental M Sangma, (18) and Willi M Sangma (21) of Mejolgre Amebang, PO Rongmil, and Bibibirth M Sangma (27) Resident of Mejolgre Wanso PO Rongmil.

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