She never dreamt of…

She never dreamt of making her
husband happy,
but her father proud.
She never dreamt of sitting in a small house,
but travelling the world around.
She never dreamt of covering her face under a veil, but show it.
She never dreamt of doubting her potential, but prove it.
She never dreamt of building a
family, but a legacy.
She never dreamt of being someone’s property, but fantasy.
She never dreamt of being judged,
but respected.
She never dreamt of being left out,
but supported.
She had dreams and ideologies to change the world, but the society forced her to cut her wings.
Her ambitions were hurled, because they forgot she was a human being.

Sanika Singh

The waterway

She is flowing infinitely
She never waits for anybody
None has the strength to disturb her
Or none can make her flow in the
opposite direction
Yes… she is the river…
You are always tireless..
Why are you flowing and
Moving breathlessly
Any moment of the day and night!
Stop for a while and share your
feelings with us.
For whom and where
Are you proceeding ceaselessly?
Who is waiting for you?
Oh is he the great “sea”?
Why don’t you stop for a second?
I wait for your answers.

Mamu Rajkhowa

If I were the Pricipal

If I were the Principal, things would be different.
Prizes for doing well would be
medals and trophies
Made of chocolates, black and white chocolate!
Drawing I find boring,
I will find an interesting chocolate teacher.
As we learn to make chocolates,
Scrumdiddlyumtiously tasty chocolates We will also learn drawing!
Books, my favourite things in the world.
There will be bookshelves, all over the school.
Interesting, cool, adventurous books
All lines up in shelves, in the classrooms and corridors!
If I were the Principal,
There will be more playing and less studying.
There will be no grades.
I am very sure children will love it
If I were the Principal.

Aveneal Syiem Thounaojam
(The 9-year-old poet’s work was first published in the school magazine)

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