Concern over Umiam’s reducing life span

SHILLONG: Raising concerns over siltation of the Umiam lake and accumulation of plastic garbage in it, the Committee on Environment quoted a study conducted by MeECL to raise alarm over the life span of the dam.
“It was constructed in 1965 and its life span was supposed to be 100 years.
However, the MeECL’s reviews, one in 1990 and the other in 2004, shows that the dam’s life span is till 2024. It is a major cause for worry,” the committee said.
Sunn appealed to all citizens of Shillong to refrain from throwing garbage into drains and streams, especially Wahumkhrah and Umshyrpi.
However, when asked about penalty on littering, it was informed that several awareness programmes have been initiated. Headmen are also working hand in hand to stop dumping of plastic waste. Penalty aspect is there in bylaws but is applicable in civic areas beyond which the Dorbar Shnong has to take action.
A meeting will be held soon where the members will set a time frame for cleaning the Umiam.

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