‘Lack of platform in NE’

Tanvi R Marak wants to be a doctor. So after winning the Sunsilk Megha Miss North East 2019 title, she is focusing on her MBBS studies at NEIGRIHMS. The 20-year-old beauty queen has her feet on the ground and is wise enough not to be swayed by the recent feat in the glamour world.
Born and brought up in Shillong, Tanvi started modelling at the age of 15 but always gave priority to education. She won the crown of Miss Cherry Blossom last year. “I used to be a shy and introvert person… but I remember I had the brightest smile on my face that day,” she said.
She has worked with several local designers like Lalhmingmawii Chawngthu and her brand HM. “I have just started my career in this field and have not had any modelling opportunities outside the region so far. But I am open to opportunities and hope to work and explore more in the future,” she said.
Tanvi is already exploring. The model is a green belt holder in taekwondo. She also loves cooking for her family and is “quite a good cook”. Her dogs have always been her best friends.
According to Tanvi, her upbringing in a family of hardworking individuals has helped her become a person with integrity, responsibility and empathy.
When asked how she plans to juggle medical studies and modelling, Tanvi said she wants to be a successful doctor and serve people and “these pageants can work as a platform for me to spread awareness on different health-related issues, especially in those regions which need help”.
“I want to… inspire everyone and prove that as long as we have dedication, we can achieve anything we decide to achieve,” said Tanvi.
In an email interview, Tanvi told Sunday Shillong how she always thought modelling was “not my cup of tea” and how her parents have respected her choices. Excerpts:

How did you prepare for modelling?
Apart from all the preparations that are necessary to be in this field, one thing I have worked on is mental stability and self-belief. Because the key is to face any challenge and prepare yourself mentally by eliminating fear. One has to be ready to make mistakes and learn from them as well. I know I have to be dedicated and passionate in what I do.

How was the support from parents and family?
My parents and my family (which includes my friends too) have been my greatest support since Day 1.They have been with me through all the smiles, tears, stress and doubts. They have always motivated me to chase my dreams be it academics or non-academic. Their assuring words like “we know you can do it”, “we believe in you” have always pushed me to work harder. Among all the gifts that life has offered me, the greatest is my parents and their unquestionable support. I owe them eternally and I vow to make them proud to the moon and back.

Do you think it is difficult for models from North East (NE) to compete in the mainland?
I do not think so. These are just mere thoughts which should not bother anyone who is dedicated and passionate. We should not let such thoughts restrict our ambitions. There are so many models from NE who are prospering not only across the region but nationally as well. Talents from northeast have been making us proud for a long time now and I am sure they will continue to earn glory for the region in the years to come. Even I will passionately strive to be one of those talents who will bring pride and glory to our state and the region.

What challenges do models from NE face? What difficulties did you face?
Challenges are something which people in every field face and successful are those who accept these challenges and work hard to overcome them. If you do not challenge yourself, you will never realise your true potential, what you can become. North East is one of the biggest fashion hubs in India and one challenge that models here face is the lack of an appropriate platform. Having said that, over the past couple of years, many opportunities and platforms have started developing and I am sure North East will flourish in the coming years.
Coming from science background, the modelling world was unimaginable for me. I always thought that this was not my cup of tea until I planned to explore it. And the experience was great! I grew so much as a person. I feel rejuvenated. But if I would have ignored my challenges, I would not be here today.

Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years?
Ten years from now, apart from seeing myself as a successful doctor, I imagine myself sitting with Abhijit Singha, Founder of Mega Miss North East, on the same platform where he crowned me the winner. I see him patting me on the back and saying “Yes, I did not make a mistake by choosing you as a winner 10 years back!”

What do you like besides modelling? What do you hate the most?
I love cooking, shopping, spending time with friends and family, taekwondo and I have also started painting in my leisure time.
I am a foodie but as a model, calories have always been my worst enemy. So what I hate the most are the calories in all food that I relish.

How do you relax?
After a hard day, I love to take a cup of coffee and biscuits, play my favourite music and enjoy every bit of the lyrics and the music. I try to recall all the good moments in solitude.

What is your message for aspiring models?
I have faced failures in my life but I am very proud that I never gave up. I worked hard when the whole world doubted me. Life is hard, it has always been and that is what I enjoy about life. The taste of victory is the sweetest when you have faced all those hardships. Never give up on anything. If you fall 100 times, have the courage to get up 101 times. One should not fear to dream big, because dreams do come true.

~ NM

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