Ed Sheeran doesn’t own a phone!

Ed Sheeran doesn’t have a phone and can only be contacted via e-mail. The singer decided to ditch his electronic devices and social networking sites back in 2015 when he took a year-long break from the spotlight to “travel the world”. In an episode of Britain’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, Roman Kemp, who is friends with Sheeran, said: “Ed doesn’t have a phone, you email him”, said a report. Back in 2017, Sheeran revealed his decision to get rid of his phone has helped lower his stress. He said at the time: “I bought an iPad, and then I just work off of e-mail, and it’s so much less stress. I don’t wake up in the morning and have to answer 50 messages of people asking for stuff. It’s just like, I wake up and have a cup of tea.” He even cut his friendship group to just four people as he deals with his own social anxiety. (IANS)

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