Aids, appliances distribution in GH on world disability day

TURA: As part of celebration of world disability day, aids and appliances were distributed to persons with disabilities (PWDs) at Gongglangre multi facility centre, South West Garo Hills on Tuesday. The programme organized by the South West Garo Hills District Legal Services Authority in collaboration with the District Social Welfare Officer witnessed a large participation by the differently abled who took part in special games held on the spot.

Making a token distribution of a wheel chair, walking cane and hearing aid to persons with disabilities Rerapara C&RD Block Development Officer R Z D Shira stated that the day was a celebration of acceptance and inclusion. He said that the government has undertaken measures to facilitate inclusion of PWDs in various schemes which in itself is a sign of acceptance by the society and is worth celebrating. Shira, while speaking on the need to empower PWDs said that the differently able were being left behind in all spheres of life and therefore needed empowerment to enable them to avail equal opportunities in life. He informed that in that context PWDs were being issued separate Job Cards under MGNREGS to enable to earn and provide for their families. The BDO also informed that during elections there was a provision for the visually impaired to be assisted at the polling booth by qualified assistants (18+).

Medical & Health Officer, Ayush, Dr Balnamchi Sangma who also spoke on the occasion shed light on various detrimental practices by pregnant mothers. She stated that it was imperative for pregnant mothers to desist from taking over the counter medicines during the first trimester as it would irreversibly harm the developing baby inside their wombs. The Doctor also urged pregnant mothers to take regular checkups and heed the advice of their doctors on taking iron and calcium tablets regularly. She later, advised all pregnant mothers to opt for institutional delivery to minimize the chance of complications during and after birth.

Later, prizes were distributed to winners of the various special games. Woolen blankets were also distributed to the differently abled as part of the celebration.

In Bagmara, the occasion was observed at DRDA Conference Hall Baghmara where Officers, Nokma, Sordars, and differently abled people participated.

During the programme, South Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner H B Marak while addressing the gathering informed that there are people among disabled persons who are very talented in different fields and they are the ones who never give up and have the potential to achieve just like normal people. He encouraged them and urged them to avail of government schemes being given to them.

CDPO of Rongara Block, T K Marak spoke on the welfare schemes for persons with disabilities and informed of various schemes like Uniform and Book Grant, Scholarship Grant, Unemployment Educated Allowances, Chief Minister’s Scheme and the benefits of availing loan upto 6 lakh from the Meghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank.

S.A.Sangma Advocate Baghmara Court also ellaborated on the issues pertaining to ensuring legal services for disabilities.

M.T Sangma Project Director DRDA & Member Secretary DLSA Baghmara enlightened the specially abled people not to focus only on their weaknesses but to understand their ability and given talent and utilized them properly which will go a long way in enabling them to face any kind of challenges in life.

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