Kejriwal returns triumphant


The juggernaut of the Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party has pulverized the BJP and the Congress and romped home to victory in  the Delhi elections. The AAP has returned to power for the third consecutive term to take Delhi forward. Kejriwal promises to continue with his development agenda and pro-people policies. Among the many leaders of AAP who have been declared elected, the notable name is that of Amanatullah Khan who represents Okhla constituency. Shaheen Bagh, the epicenter of iconic protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act falls under this assembly constituency.

The three-cornered poll contest saw the AAP battle the BJP, whose high-pitched campaign was anchored by home minister Amit Shah, and Congress. Now that AAP is the winner, Kejriwal’s ambition to expand his party across India will take wings. Yes, he has an ambition to make his party a national party. What makes the AAP more popular and what is the immediate positive impact on the voters, which has catapulted the party to a landslide victory? It is undoubtedly the electricity charge waiver. All Delhiites who consume up to 200 units of electricity have been exempted from paying electricity bills. Besides, those consuming 201 to 401 units of electricity continue to get 50 per cent power subsidy from the government. Other freebies include free metro rides for women in Delhi.

In fact the Kejriwal government has shown to the world how a democratic government should be. A government of the people should be exclusively for people’s welfare. Every citizen whether poor or rich must be taken care of, because an individual is the most important factor that makes a family. If an individual becomes educated, healthy and economically self reliant, it will reflect on the health of the nation. So, the most important duty of a government is to make the individual fit in areas of education, health, finance etc. An ideal government should identify its financially weak people and help them either by providing them a government job or a job that provides a steady income. When such persons are given jobs, the government supports them through life. A Chinese adage goes like this: ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a life time.’

It is a common practice for any government in this modern era to tax people heavily and amass money. Hence the exchequer overflows with money but the authorities do nothing to better the conditions of the people. Instead, such governments spend huge amounts of money on mega projects which are secondary. Primary objectives of any government must be to focus on people’s welfare. First people must come out of poverty and everything comes after that. This is the greatest and the wisest principle of a responsible government if it loves its people. The Kejriwal government was able to put to use this principle and the result is marvelous. This is a lesson for aspiring and ambitious political parties. If any political party wants to come to power, let it serve people and love its entire people without discrimination. Once they are voted to power, they should not forget their primary duty to serve people, because the seat they sit upon is built by the votes of the people.

Yours etc.,

TK Nandanan,

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Dark side of Khasi matriliny


I wish to thank Salil Gewali for his letter to this daily, “Struggling mother with a child” (ST Feb 6, 2020) which reveals some of the tragic and dark side of our matrilineal society where it is very easy for a husband/partner to walk out of an unregistered marriage without giving any maintenance to his children by taking advantage of the loopholes in our system today. The consequences in such situations is far reaching, adversely affecting the growth and progress of our people. This is the main reason why the Maitshaphrang campaigned for the Meghalaya Compulsory Registration of Marriage which became an Act in 2012, to plug this loophole.

However, according to our RTI findings from all the departments of the State Govt. recently, they are  not keen to implement this law and the cruel reality is that many of these abandoned women with children especially those from the financially weaker sections of our society  feel that they are being used as vote-banks for someone’s electoral success. It is also very unfortunate that this breakdown in our family system, the cornerstone of a strong society is not a priority issue for our churches to address. But the Maitshaphrang is committed to ensure that this law is implemented in letter and spirit for the greater good of our Jaidbynriew.

Yours etc.,

Michael N. Syiem,

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Garrison ground for healthy Shillong


The initiative taken by the MLA, Sanbor Shullai to seek permission for the public use of Garrison ground in Shillong directly from the Ministry of Defence is extremely praiseworthy. We must all join him in this cause. With the ever-increasing expansion of Shillong city, free space in the heart of the town is a boon, But that boon must not remain “inaccessible” to the public. The civilian population comprises a major part of the population of this city. Hence this “restriction” imposed by the Shillong Cantonment on the public use of the ground is annoying. This is nothing but outright  deprivation of use of public space.

It is well known now that recreational grounds and parks are special areas wherein one can practice and hone his/her sporting skills. People of this city should not have been prevented from morning walks and other health practices in Garrison Ground.  In the west, such sports grounds, gardens, and parks are an integral part” of any urban existence. Metaphorically they are exactly like the “lungs” of the urban spaces. They pump-in and pump-out fresh air to ensure healthy vibes around.

 Yes, the health of the people in the town is directly proportional to the “presence and utilization” of such recreational and green landscapes. They must not remain forlorn and desolate, but “fully utilized”. Better still, round the clock! It is therefore unacceptable that the centrally located Garrison Ground is out of bounds for the local people. Is it not a fact that the “talent” coming out from physical exercise finally goes to contribute to nation-building. Thus, to prevent something that encourages healthy growth, healthy minds and healthy activities is unethical and must be opposed tooth and nail. I’m sure our Chief Minis ter too will support and help achieve the objective proposed by the Shillong South MLA.

Yours etc.,

Salil Gewali,


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