Gobo & the flying toadstool


Hello! Friends… How are you? Have you ever travelled in an airplane or a helicopter?
I am sure you must have.
But have you ever travelled in a toadstool?
Yes! You have read it right, ‘a toadstool!’
C’mon I am sure you have not!
Don’t worry! I will take you on a ride in it and now itself!

“Ooo! aah! Eeee!” shouted the naughty goblins Gobo.
“Please don’t beat me mother!” cried Gobo.
“Noo! You are such a naughty goblin! How many times do I have to tell you to keep your things back to its own place after the work is done,” shouted Gobo’s mom, Mrs Gobolia.
“I am not going to tolerate it anymore! Leave the house at once!”
Gobo was a very naughty goblin indeed. He never obeyed his mother and always did things in his own way. Now Mrs Gobolia had scolded and beaten Gobo and Gobo had to leave the house.
Poor Gobo! Where would he go? He had even no friends or relatives.
Poor Gobo decided to go to the woods.
As he was walking, his eyes fell upon something; something very strange and big.
Gobo went closer and closer and hey presto… it was a giant toadstool!
Gobo could not believe his eyes. He had never seen such an enormous toadstool in his life. But still something was very strange about it. There were huge wings attached to it and it flapped violently, throwing a great amount of air. There was even a door and windows attached to it. It looked as though it was waiting for Gobo! Gobo cautiously went to the toadstool and opened the door.
The sight was mind blowing!
There was a well-furnished room inside, with chairs, tables, beds, small kitchen and a cupboard etc. As Gobo had no home to live in, he thought that it would be wonderful to live inside the toadstool!
Oh! How I wish that I would have been lucky as Gobo. Don’t you?
Gobo was now very happy. There was also a fridge whose food never finished.
He was very lucky indeed.
But something stranger caught his eyes.
There were buttons in a corner labeled as “honey land, Candy land, pixie land and so on.
So strange! Isn’t it?
Gobo was very curious. He suddenly pushed a button named Candy land without knowing what would happen.
Hoosh! The toadstool began to flap its wings more violently and suddenly it rose high in the air. Gobo was astonished. He went to the window and opened it. He was flying with the birds! But soon his village disappeared. The sight was amazing.
Suddenly instead of blue clouds, pink ones appeared.
No! They were not clouds. They were cotton candies! Gobo excitedly extended his hands and took some of the cotton candies. He ate them.
They were delicious! But before he could have any more, he landed with a bump on some hard surface. When he went out he saw that he had landed on a road, made up of hard candy. He had never dreamt of this before! Soon he saw some magical folks like pixies, goblins, elves walking there.
The place was beautiful. The houses were made up of chocolate, the shops and everything was made up of chocolate!
There was a chocolate board on which it was written Candy land with white cream. It was all like a dream.
“Hello! My name is Gobo and I have come here by this giant toadstool. Can you please tell me where can I park this huge toadstool?”
“Oh! I am Mr. Chocolaty. Please tell your toadstool to settle over there.”
Gobo thanked him and the toadstool settled itself soon with the help of Gobo’s command.
Within a moment everyone started shouting “Come on everybody. Come on! It will be raining soon. So pick up your buckets and get ready to collect the syrup!”
Gobo could not make any head or tail out of it. But soon he could!
It soon began to rain. But from the cotton candies, which were the clouds, sweet sugar syrup started pouring down instead of water!
Gobo was astonished.
He could see everyone collecting the syrup in their buckets. After collecting them he could see some folks boiling the syrup and making candies.
Oh it seems mouth watering! Isn’t it?
Suddenly Gobo thought that it was getting late and he should leave.
Now Gobo is flying to Honey Land and adventures are waiting for him.
So keep looking at the sky at times because no one knows as you might see Gobo flying on his huge toadstool to Honey Land!
See you soon in Honey land.

(Contributed by Nayaab Suhel, Class VIII, BSF Senior Secondary School. Part II of the story will be published next week)

Illustration: Pinterest

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