Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Missing Item


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Shillong is happy hunting ground for sales representatives dealing in fancy goods, carpets, interior decoration items, brass products, stainless steel utensils are among the things which readily attract the consumers. No wonder Shillong draws a steady trickle of their genre.

But sometimes it is not unsual to find a bad egg in the basket. One of our colleagues recently placed orders for a few brass materials with a couple of order seekers. On retring the VPP he had the mortification of finding one of the costlier items missing.

He promptly despatched a registcrcd letter to the firm at Moradabad (UP). A month has elapsed but there is no response from them. The weakest point in the case is that there was no witness to the fact that the box didnot actually contain the particular item. Our colleague says that he was lucky to have escaped with so little. But who knows there may be many more unsuspecting people who will prove to be an easy meat for some of these downright cheats.

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