Monday, April 22, 2024

Kopili generates 25 MW power


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Power has started hawing from the Kopili hydel project this week.

The first unit of the project began transmitting 25 MW power to the north-eastern regional grid. The second unit of equal strength would begin generating power from next week.

The Rs 149-crore project was initially designed to be commissioned in June 1982. Owing to political unrest and natural calamities the target date for commissioning the first unit (Khandong power House) was revised to February – March this year.

Mr S.R.S. Chairman of the NEEPCO told newsmen here that movement in Assam and flood ravages in the region disrupted the supply line at crucial junctures resulting in unforeseen delay in commissioning. He said that there was no laxity on the part of the management once un-interrupted supply of materials was restored.

The first phase of the project would generate 150 MW, and when completed the total capacity of the project would go up to 325 MW. It is expected to be completed by March 1985. Investigations and explorations were being made to raise the capacity to about 500 MW.

Mr Shah said that efforts were onto request the Prime Minister to dedicate the project to the nation at a function to be organized at her convenience.

The NEEPCO, he said, had 7000 circuit kilometers transmission line work-load. The Corporation has two more projects in hand: Doyang hydro electric (Nagaland) and Garo Hills Thermal project.


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