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Wanted pragmatic solutions


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Wanted pragmatic solutions


A couple of weeks ago Mr Ardent Basaiawmoit slammed the Government for failing to check traffic snarls. The UDP Nongkrem legislator in his usual demeanour has castigated the government’s failure to solve traffic snarls in the city and along the national highway. Traffic congestion does hit hard the common man hard and it has become a way of life for us. There are several reasons behind traffic congestion. The most observable and obvious one being new vehicles hitting the road in 40 and 50 numbers a day while the size of the roads remain the same. Lack of traffic sense, rash driving are other causes.

What triggered my interest in Mr Basaiawmoit’s reaction is his insinuation that the 12 to 14 tyre trucks are the main culprits. Everybody knows that the survival of the population of Meghalaya is dependent on these trucks as it is only through them that food grains and luxuries such as vehicles are transported to the state. We are still neither connected with the rest of the country through railway heads nor air space. So at this stage road transport is the only means of transportation. Of course the 12 to 14 tyre trucks are too bulky to manoeuvre our small roads but in the last few years such trucks have increased. Understandably, needs increase with increase of population. Let us take the example of fish, eggs, rice, onions etc. All these food items are being transported through these bulky trucks. In fact one has learnt from reliable sources that by the end of the year the 10 tyre trucks may be replaced by the 12 or 14 tyre ones. Another important point is that neither our state government nor any one can say that only 6 tyre trucks can be sent to Meghalaya because National Highways 40 and 44 pass through here. Secondly the 6 tyre trucks are almost diminishing and are no longer manufactured today.

The observations of East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner, Jopthiaw Lyngdoh that the number of trucks today has gone up to 2500 from 1600 since the government enforced the nine metric tonne limit. If the 10 to 12 tyre trucks are to be replaced by the 6 tyre trucks what would then be the number of trucks hitting the National Highway or the city? Would they not double the present number?

We the general public would certainly join hands towards any movement for a good cause like a permanent solution to traffic congestion. However all that I wish to say is that we should be pragmatic rather than make absurd suggestions.

Yours etc.,

Jenniefer Dkhar,


Bad attitude of bank official


On June 1st I went to the SBI Police Bazar branch opposite the parking lot to open a new account. I was directed to the counter situated at the extreme left corner of the first floor. The counter was attended by a bespectacled lady official. Waiting for her attention were two persons who stood silently waiting. So I politely tried to attract the lady official’s attention but there was no response. Again I spoke to her but she remained mute. I tried for the third time; still she did not budge. I wondered if she was deaf. Whatever it is, her way of rendering customer service in this day and age raises a big question mark. It is my humble request to that particular lady to read this letter in the newspaper and change her attitude towards the bank’s customers. She should also keep in mind the saying, “Service to man is service to God.” Secondly, I appeal to all the bank officials to treat people with respect, considering they all enjoy far salaries. If they do not have the aptitude for public service then the best option is for them to quit their jobs so that more deserving citizens could take their place.

I sincerely hope the lady concerned at SBI will mend her ways after reading this piece of factual write-up.

Yours etc.,

Peter John Chongom,

Via email


Poor BSNL network


It is to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities that the BSNL Mobile Network in Garo Hills is in a pitiable condition for more than a month now. There is always ‘No Network’ and even when network is available calls cannot be made and the messages cannot be sent. I wonder how the BSNL babus in Garo Hills are not aware of this problem. Of course, now many private companies are there but we have deposited the caution money of Rs. 2,000 to the BSNL and moreover we are paying the rental regularly without making any calls. If private companies like Airtel, Aircel etc. can provide better service why can’t a Government owned company do so? Are you listening Mr. Telecom Chief?

Yours etc.




Whither Meghalaya?


Meghalaya is a gift of God to mankind, endowed with natural beauty and unique resources including flora and fauna. All our plus points and advantages could and should have converted the tiny Meghalaya into another Singapore long ago. But today Meghalaya is a failure compared to its neighbouring states in industrial investments, agricultural production, infrastructure and higher education.

Tourism, health care and self employment could have flourished but are belied with poor infrastructure and a redundant bureaucracy. If Meghalaya’s dreams are to materialise its citizens should delve deep into the reasons for its present state. The obvious answer is politicking in the state. Politicians are only concerned only about their survival. Keeping the common man in the dark is the strategy and ‘politics’ evolved by our ever calculating politicians. They, for reasons well known to them, push the society into anarchy and social and political unrest. To change the situation requires a paradigm shift in the mindset of the people to stop supporting this nonsensical politics and demand that they deliver. People of caliber should plan the future with a 20 year vision and their plans should be clear of obstacles. Youth who are today going astray and lured by politicians to meet their ends should realise that their future is at stake. They should unfasten their shackles be in the forefront of change.

Meghalaya can become a paradise on earth if the politicians here shun their carefully nurtured dogmas and devote and dedicate themselves to the welfare and well being of the people.

Yours etc.,

Bivan Rodriques Mukhim,

Via email


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