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GNLA victim was a deranged civilian


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From Our Correspondent

TURA: The civilian who was shot dead by GNLA militants close to the liaison office housing ANVC militants at Kusimkolgre locality of Williamnagar town on Wednesday night has been identified as a deranged man who lived the life of a recluse moving from one area to another.

Following news about the killing of an unidentified person by GNLA militants, relatives of Rangseng M Sangma, who went missing a day earlier arrived in the town to inform police about the missing person. They were taken to the morgue where they identified the body. Police suspect that Ramseng may have ventured deep inside the thick jungles of Durama and eventually wandered into a camp of the GNLA whose cadres took him into custody fearing him to be a police informer.

“Being of an unsound mind he may have spoken out certain words that heightened the outfit’s suspicion on him resulting in his killing,” informed a senior police officer. It is common knowledge that lunatics sometimes claim themselves to be either police or outlaw depending on the situation and the discussions that take place within their circle.

Authorities have accused the GNLA of human rights violation and being cold blooded killers who snuffed out the life of an innocent person who did not have a mind of his own. The militants pumped as many as nine bullets into the body of Ramseng and further opened blank fire next to the ANVC liaison office forcing the militants of the ceasefire group to flee from the area.

Police retrieved as many as 38 empty cartridge shells from the site of the killing.

There are two lines of thought over the killing of the mentally unstable person. One point of suspicion is that the GNLA wanted to send out a strong message to the ANVC that they can strike at will, while another probability is that the militants planned to hit the ANVC office but were unsuccessful following the inmates fleeing from the scene after they heard the first rounds of gunfire, claim security officials.


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