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The new look ST is a delight. When I came back to Shillong last week from an extended trip I was pleasantly greeted by the new Shillong Times. My congratulations to the publisher, editor and staff. The extra pages are a delight. Before, we could finish the ST in between bites of breakfast, now I have to have an extra cup of coffee.I also subscribe to a national mainstream paper, but read that now mainly for its editorial page. All the news is now comprehensively covered in the Shillong Times. The growth of the Shillong Times is a mirror to the growing confidence and development of our state, and in a sense we are all moving with the Times.

A couple of thoughts: three pages of sports news may be a bit much for a twelve-pager, especially when there is so little local sports to cover. Maybe the back page could be used or non-political items of interest (like the Hindu). Also, the ST frequently highlights the launch of new ventures, new policies and programs, even breaking scandals, but we hear little after that. Maybe there can be a section that monitors and keeps us informed of the aftermath of new developments, both in the government and civil sector, so that the public cantrack progress.

Yours etc

Glenn C Kharkongor

Via email

 Questions galore on MCP Bill


Through your newspaper, I would like to share with all your readers the following points. Other than the Shillong Municipality and it’s administered scheduled areas as mentioned in the 6th Schedule of the Constitution of India, was it and is it still legal to hold municipal elections in other areas of the state? Are the funds under JNNURM of greater importance to the people of Shillong, than the need to have a strong civic body to administer the day to day affairs of the city? Is it alright to have three ministers pandering over a city- centric problem, whilst the rest of the state suffers?

If JNNRUM is the reason for holding municipal elections, then what happens to the municipality when JNNURM ceases to exist? If Shillong Municipality is the only constitutionally recognised municipality, shouldn’t the Meghalaya Community Participation Bill be set aside, and a more meaningful Bill like the Compulsory Registration of Marriages etc be seriously examined, especially when the MCP Bill has provisions to do without the community’s participation in it’s present form?

Why are the Dorbar Shnong unnecessarily burdened with proposed legislations, when every five years we are burdened with the opportunity to elect 60 legislators to the State Assembly and 87 councillors to the Autonomous District Council, for these very purposes?

How will a Ward Commissioner ( whose functions are civic in nature) overlap the powers of the Dorbar Shnong (whose primary purpose is the social well being of the members of the Dorbar)? Why are the storm water drains still clogged during heavy downpour, despite the fact that, 14.52 crores or 15.92 crores of JNNURM funds have been sanctioned and the same has been tendered, with conditions to deprive the local contractors, and pave way for the same to be allotted to a company from Kolkatta, even though the same work has been sub-contracted to locals? When will we all rise up to meet reality as it is now?

These are just a few queries, to which, I hope, your readers or the authorities that be, can explain and clarify

Yours etc.,

Atiar F Dykes,

Via email

 Opportunist of Meghalaya politics


Many had received this mobile text which read like this, “Tynsong , an unpredictable, witty and an opportunist politician of Meghalaya is a schemer in toppling the government in 2006, 2007, 2010 and now in the 2011 drama. He is a cunning legislator who had not missed a ministerial berth since he was elected to the State Assembly.” There is another write up in the Facebook discussion forum of Nongsain Hima which says, “Prestone Tyngsong a shrewd politician first stabbed his mentor KK Dkhar former MLA of Nongshken Constituency from behind and now wants to destroy his political career. Earlier he instigated Mr JD Rymbai (the simple man) to throw out Lapang the then Chief Minister and then after a few months he switched allegiance to DD Lapang yet again. After sensing that he can play around with D.D Lapang and his stupid colleagues he became over ambitious and aimed for the chief minister’s post himself, even though he is just a two time winner.

Then he starts playing his cards with the smart and intelligent Dr Mukul Sangma but luck does not favour him, as the doctor was too intelligent so he went again to the Doctor of Divinity and poor DD Lapang an octogenarian couldn’t match Tynsong’s wits and fell into his trap again and again. When he was dropped from the cabinet he swore in front of his friends that his top priority in life would be to destroy Mukul and his confidante HDR Lyngdoh. When SW Rymbai was about to be sworn, Tynsong called him begging him not to join the cabinet of Dr Mukul come what may. He arranged for DDLapang’s supporters to stop Rymbai from attending the swearing-in ceremony. Poor Rymbai does not realize that Tynsong is hand in glove with another MLA from Jaintia Hills who is setting up a base for his brother to contest the 2013 elections from his constituency.

Not surprisingly, Tynsong is now singing a different tune and fooled his colleagues again just for his personal interest. He has made a mockery of our political system and destroyed the economy and revenue of our state by frequently disrupting the functioning of our government. The question is, will our smart and intelligent Doctor be fooled by this hi-fi conman of Meghalaya politics?.

Yours etc.,

Bobby L Kharmawphlang

Shillong -8


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