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What sort of future citizens?


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Teenagers and even kid of the present generation are glued to the computer or TV screens or their i-pods, hearing updates of latest songs of their favourite stars, models, singers, et al. A considerable chunk of their quality time is lost in this pursuit. As a student I am pained to see that the media today has successfully lured teenagers into entertainment and diverted the attention of the young from burning issues that are retarding the progress of the nation in general and the state in particular. If we ask any young person about politics the immediate answer is, “Oh ! I just hate politics, I don’t know anything about it. Politics is something I can’t stand….. !” But abhorrence of dirty politics is one thing and keeping abreast of current affairs is another. Today’s youth are more concerned about Bollywood celebrities! If our government wishes to make India one of the leading nations of the world then it should take stock of the quality of today’s youth – the future citizens of the nation. Ignorance of current affairs means indifference about the growth and progress of the country. It is the duty of parents and teachers to raise the consciousness of the youth to a higher plane. Unproductive teenagers will become unproductive citizens of tomorrow and a burden for the nation.

Yours etc.

Anindita Choudhury (school student),

Via email

Extra pages!


One of the sights to see at the New York Central railway station is the speed with which the huge wire mesh containers on wheels are filled up with that day’s newspapers discarded by the commuters. The filled wire baskets are wheeled out and new ones take their place in a jiffy. With more than 50 pages, the newspapers are too tiresome to carry, except for the ‘coupon’ pages which offer discounts on various products and services. If you gather sufficient coupons, you could visit the Coney Island amusement park for gratis with visuals and victuals and even rides thrown in for free. The porters, I am sure

make a daily ‘killing’ with those coupons. We could make a nice living out of them in India, even without the coupons!!! . Now coming nearer home, kudos to ST for the four more pages. Is the augmented space for news or for advertisements? We will soon find out! How about some coupons which we could redeem at local establishments? Might help to beat inflation!

Yours etc.,

John D. Jayakumar,

Via email

 Khasi tradition or western influence?


The comments made by HH Mohrmen that the tradition of the youngest daughter inheriting the lion’s share of the family property is part of Khasi identity is quite shallow. I request the author to kindly trace the tradition before the advent of European influence in the region if we were to know the wholesome truth of it. What we claim today as our traditions and customs are not our own and they are not the results of our own wisdom but the influence and imposition made by the British rulers. Ownership of family property by women among the Khasis was the creation of our colonial masters. Khasi women should be grateful to them. Moreover, tradition has to be dynamic if it has to survive in face of the influence and the onslaught of foreign forces and ideologies.

Yours etc.,

Batskhem Myrboh

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At last a medical college!


The much awaited medical college in Tura is finally taking shape and people from this backward district should welcome the courageous step of the Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma. Going back in history, the late chief minister, Capt Williamson Sangma had intended to start a medical school near Rongram in the mid 70’s but it did not see the light of day. Then came the announcement by a senior politician to open a medical college in Waribokgre during electioneering. That too never materialized. Our neighbour Assam has about a dozen medical colleges located in almost all districts. Meghalaya has not even a single medical collage till date. This is due to the short-sightedness of politicians and leaders. Promises are made during elections but are never executed. People forgive them due to lack of awareness. Any venture for the development of the region and people should be supported by everyone irrespective of party affiliations. We thank the Nokma who donated the land for the medical college and the Chief Minister for taking the bold step.

Yours etc.,

Raju Marak,

Dakopgre, Tura


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