Cowell hasn’t spoken to Cheryl

London: Music mogul Simon Cowell, who sacked singer Cheryl Cole from the US “X Factor”, says both of them have not spoken to each other since then.

“No, I haven’t spoken with Cheryl, we have texted. I am sorry the way it worked out as we were incredibly close,” quoted him as saying.

“Trying to get her to understand what I did, it was never meant to be negative. It was a decision I thought was the right one and I think she is more comfortable in England than I saw her here (in US),” he said.

Cole, who had judged the British version of the show, filmed four episodes of the US version of “X Factor” before she was sacked.

Cowell also admitted his decision to replace Cheryl with Nicole Scherzinger might have been rash.

“Maybe I didn’t give her enough time, and you have to be in the moment. I offered her the show, and initially she accepted it. Then it went public that she didn’t and had the chance to still come back, but for whatever reason I couldn’t get her (on the phone). Unless I spoke to her, there was no way I would have her back,” he said.

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