Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Naga National Govt in the offing


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DIMAPUR: Three Naga underground organisations including the NSCN faction led by Khole and Kitovi (GPRN/NSCN), NNC/FGN and NSCN-IM have started taking up measures for the formation of the common Naga underground govt christened as Naga National Government (NNG). The signatories of the “Naga Concordant” met at Dimapur and agreed to take gradual and practical measures towards the formation of one Naga Govt on Tuesday. It has to be mentioned that, on August 26, the Naga underground groups had agreed upon in “principle to work towards in the formation of their single government. On that day, the top leaders of the three Naga outfits signed a ‘concordant’ to work towards the formation of an underground govt which has been proposed to call “Naga National Govt “. (NNN)


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