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Capturing 100 years of Delhi in colours


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New Delhi: The making of Delhi is the focus of two major art expositions to be held in the capital over the next few days.

A cultural exposition ‘Dastan-e-Dilli’ will commemorate 100 years of Delhi being the national capital with an exhibition ‘Timeless Delhi’ Dec 14.

Delhi was declared the national capital Dec 12, 1911, by King George V when he visited the country to commemorate his coronation as the British emperor of India.

The exhibition, which will open at the Indian Council for Cultural Relation’s Azad Bhavan gallery, will showcase the evolution of the capital from historic Indraprastha around 1,200 BC to a vibrant 21st century metropolis through photographs, art, lithographic prints by painters of the British East India Company and accompanying texts from the pages of history.

Delhi is a city that bridges two different worlds. While old Delhi, the traditional capital of India through several dynasties, is made of narrow alleys, medieval mosques and old family mansions, the new imperial city of Delhi created by the British Raj is composed of spacious tree-lined avenues and imposing government buildings, the ICCR said.

“Legend has it that the Pandavas founded the city around 1,200 BC. It was named Indraprastha. The city of Delhi was built around seven cities with the foremost among them being Shahajahanabad, Tughla-qabad, Mehrauli and Ferozabad,” the statement said. Delhi is spread over an area of approximately 1,483 sq. km and is located 216 metres above the sea level.

Another exhibition ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Delhi’, opening Friday at Surajkund, will evoke nostalgic memories and represents the cultural heritage of the city. On display will be a collection of 15 Intaglio prints of the beautiful historical heritage sites in Delhi, ‘Virasat’ by Dattaraya Apte, and 21 pen and ink drawings on Old Delhi’s havelis, gates, bazars, gardens and educational institutions by Vikram Kalra.

Kalra has researched and documented the capital and its landscape over a period of 12 years. The exhibition will also display works themed on the making of Delhi by artists Alka Raghu-vanshi, Aruna Vasudev, Bikash Poddar, Kana Lomror, Ruchi Singhal and Tejinder Kanda, who have made Delhi their home. (IANS)


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