Friday, June 14, 2024

School ad-hoc teachers lament meagre salary


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By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: There is no end to the misery of school teachers here in the state. Around 174 Ad-hoc LP school teachers under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan from all over the state have revealed their hardship as they earn a meagre amount of only Rs 3000 per month.

‘‘I want to ask the government how we can run our family with this peanut amount,” said a disgruntled teacher from Balat.

Another such teacher from Garo Hills said that the amount is not even paid to them on time.

“The state government is so bankrupt that they can’t even pay this meager amount to the teachers every month. We are getting our salary once in three months,” she said

The teachers also said that due to this condition these schools are unable to implement mid-day meal schemes in their schools.

It is learnt from these school teachers that they are providing mid-day meals only once in a month in their schools and in some schools it is provided after 2/3 months.

“The SSA scheme was devised to improve participation in school education. But if teachers are not paid salaries on time and that too sufficiently so that we can run our family than it is demoralizing,” said an Ad-hoc LP School teacher.

The disgruntled teachers said that the head teachers in their respective schools are drawing huge salary and that too, timely whereas their condition under the same roof is quite different. Interestingly, when the matter was pursued with the state education department every official refused to comment.


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