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BDO released into scribe’s custody


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From Our Correspondent

Editor of Achik Songbad Alva Sangma shakes hands with Dadanggre BDO PK Boro after his release on Saturday. (TM)

 TURA: In what can be termed as a rare act of courage, Editor of Achik Songbad Alva Sangma acted interlocutor for the release of abducted Dadanggre BDO PK Boro, driving alone for over 2 hours and then trekking another hour over thick jungle to bring Boro back to safety at about 10.00 am on Saturday.

Sangma was contacted by GNLA military commander Sohan D Shira on Friday evening asking her to come and pick up Boro from a designated location on Saturday.

At 6 am on Saturday Sohan Shira called Alva asking her to come to a certain destination. On reaching there she got another call telling her to come to another destination.

On reaching the second destination, one person stopped her self-driven car and asked her to leave her car behind and follow him.

The duo trekked for an hour until they reached a particular place where 5 armed GNLA cadres dressed in camouflage were guarding PK Boro who was sitting on a plastic chair talking to the western area range commander Jack Marak who had earlier abducted him.

Alva said she was served red tea. She asked the BDO how he was treated and he said he was well looked after. For the return journey, he was given a new pair of walking shoes, pants and shirt, a blanket and a mat.

According to Alva, Jack Marak said the outfit was aware of Boro’s background as an honest and sincere officer and that was why he was released unharmed.

Alva also briefed the militants about the Government’s surrender package of Rs 1.5 lakh per cadre and the Government’s offer to the outfit to give up arms in return for which the Government would withdraw operations.

Intelligence sources however, have a different story. They claim that the GNLA released Boro after they received a huge ransom which was paid at different stages.

Boro has been in GNLA’s captive since November 21 after he was abducted from his office in West Garo Hills district.

Boro himself is tired and happy to be with his wife and six-year-old son.

Meanwhile, his wife Aparajita Mooshahary has thanked the GNLA for the safe release of her husband. She also expressed her gratitude to the United Church peace Forum, the Bodo Sahitya Sabha, concerned NGOs and all well wishers for their unstinted support.


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