Cell One users owe BSNL Rs 35 cr

By Our Reporter

Shillong: General Manager Telecom, Mr George Marshall has informed that an amount of Rs 35 crore is outstanding from Cell One users.

There are at least 42 users who owe over Rs 1 lakh each to the BSNL.

When asked about the profile of these defaulters, Mr Marshall said, “They are all kinds of rich and influential people but we will have to do a proper profile of them.

Interestingly, for most ordinary users, once they exceed the limit the calls are barred.

Most subscribers have a credit limit of Rs 2000 and below. Those with higher credit limits include business people, politicians and a few government officials.

A source in the BSNL informed that most people use the services while travelling abroad and because they do not use their cell phones sparingly the bill just shoots up.

On their return when they are presented the staggering bills they have incurred, they at first quarrel and later disconnect their Cell One numbers and migrate to other users.

With such a huge outstanding BSNL is finding it difficult to provide the services that the public demand. BSNL sources claim that the only way to get back the dues is to proceed legally against the defaulters which again is time consuming and involves further costs.

For the sake of better services to the public the GMTD has appealed to the defaulters to clear their outstanding dues as most of those who owe these amounts are in a position to pay.

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