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Baseless allegations


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Apropos the letter in your esteemed paper (ST April 18, 2012) captioned, “No Clean Politics in Nongkrem Constituency.” I take strong exception to what is being stated in the letter and request you to provide the full name and address of the writer in order to establish his/her real identity. Since the intention of the writer is to defame and tarnish my image as a public representative it would be appropriate to take this issue to its logical end. I invite the letter writer (L Marbaniang) to file an FIR against me if he/she feels that my action violates the law and the prescribed guidelines. The person can make use of the RTI to get access to all schemes implemented under the MLA scheme since 2008 till date. The Shillong Times is not the proper platform to raise such issues. I would instead suggest that Marbaniang approach a court of law to bring out the facts as far as the issue of implementing MLA schemes in my constituency is concerned.

Yours etc.,

Ardent M Basaiawmoit,

MLA, Nongkrem Constituency

Food poisoning


On April 14, this year at around 3:00 pm my friend and I went to Hotel Rikman Continental restaurant and ordered pork noodle soup. But the noodle soup tasted awful and we started vomiting even before we could finish our food.  We complained to the manager about the unhygienic nature of the food and that something which looked like pig’s hair was found in the soup. But the manager was arrogant and would not listen to us. After repeated vomiting we became unconscious and were rushed to Christian Hospital by some of our friends. The doctors said it was a case of food poisoning. The Manager of Hotel Rikman did not even bother to take us to the hospital and refuses to admit that the food they served  us  was stale and had caused food poisoning. Instead of helping us the manager said he could do nothing about the matter. The food they served almost got us killed as I was unconscious and on oxygen the whole night. I had to spend three days in the hospital.  Till today the manager did not even bother to enquire about my condition. He only cares for his bill. He would not admit that the negligence of the hotel staff caused serious injury to a client. Should Rikman Continental Restaurant which put the customer’s health and life at risk be allowed to continue serving unhygienic food so that another new customer gets poisoned?

Yours etc.,

Isaimanrik Marak

Williamnagar, East Garo Hills


Wrong and baseless report!


The Shillong Times carried a story on April 17 about two clients who allegedly suffered from food poisoning after consuming noodles in Hotel Rikman Continental Tura. This news is totally false and baseless and we would like to explain the situation as it occurred. Mr. Isaimanrik N Marak S/o Abel Sangma, aged 24 years, from Kusimkolgre, Williamnagar (as per hotel registration of the hotel) checked into Room No 203 of the Hotel along with Ms Nitu from Tura. They ordered noodles at 12.30 pm in the room and also consumed beer and breezer. Ms. Nitu brought some food items in a plastic carry bag, which they also consumed in the room. They complained about food poisoning at around 4.30 pm and left the Hotel at about 5.00 p.m. How could they be sure that the noodles they consumed at Hotel Rikman Continental caused food poisoning as mentioned in your paper?

The Hotel has clear guidelines that no food or drinks from outside are allowed but the duo broke the rules. As reported in your paper there was no birthday party in the Hotel’s restaurant on April 14. That day being Bihu (Assamese New Year’s Day) the restaurant had several customers including some foreigners. Many people ordered noodles and other food items but no one complained about the food, except this couple.

The kitchen of M/s Hotel Rikman Continental, Tura is transparent hence customers in the Restaurant can see the preparation of food by the cooks, so there is no question of food being unhygienic as alleged. The Hotel and its management try their best to provide good the best and fresh food to their guests.

Yours etc.,

J C Sangma


M/s Hotel Rikman Continental, Tura.

An ingrate Government


Another four years till 2016! The University Grants Commission (UGC) will have another pay revision which will be accompanied by another gratuity enhancement for retiring teachers. But teachers who have retired after 2006 March are yet to reap the benefits of pay enhancement till date. One order was dispatched but lacked clarity and exposed the State Government’s helplessness with that maddening phrase of ‘subject to availability of funds’. When a clarification was sought by a college authority, a second letter, more confusing and pathetic was sent. So confusing was the letter that the college is apprehensive of seeking further clarification. What made the Education Department behave in this manner is difficult to say. By shelving the implementation of the UGC order for six or seven years arbitrarily, a time will come when there will be a difference of ten years between two pay revisions. Hence, while Government saves several crores of rupees the teachers’ plight is worsened. India is a democratic country with a fair judiciary so we might be pushed to take this route to redress our grievances.

 Yours etc.,

Wandell Passah

& other retired teachers.

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