Mawthadraishan AC: All not well with UDP

By Our Reporter

 Shillong: Signs of a split in the UDP at Mawthadraishan has started to surface following the recent party decision to allot ticket to HB Nongsiej from the Mawthadraishan constituency for the upcoming 2013 Assembly polls.

The party’s supporters led by JC Diengan expressed disappointment over the decision of the UDP to choose Nongsiej over the former alleging that money has a big role to play in the selection of Nongsiej to represent the UDP from the constituency.

In a letter sent to Diengan on Saturday, party supporters asked him not to be a silent spectator to the development.

“Nongsiej has bribed the UDP leaders to get the ticket”, the letter stated while adding that the party’s decision is not justified.

The supporters also questioned the proficiency of Nongsiej.

“How can an uneducated man ensure better welfare of the youth in the employment section defend/fight for the rights of the people in the Assembly.”

Meanwhile, Diengan has refused to comment on the matter stating that he will make a statement only after meeting all the supporters from the constituency.

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