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Will politicians ever learn?


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Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, Meghalaya’s politicians show you that they are not done with scraping the barrel. Why are they bent on showing us over and over again that power corrupts? Don’t they realise that we don’t need any more lessons like that – we’ve had enough. We want a new chapter in our history as a state, we want to turn over a new leaf and just wish that they too would feel the same. As others have remarked the scandal relating to the appointment of teachers is ultimately detrimental to the morale within the state. If the undeserving candidate is privileged over the deserving one what happens inside the classroom is as badly affected as what happens outside the educational institution. This kind of behaviour only creates resentment and ill-will – the crucial ingredients for a mega implosion. This is a lose-lose situation…and it is losing big time.

As for the pronouncements of the deputy chief minister regarding rat-hole mining…well. What is this talk of preserving tradition? Yes one should not forget traditions but in this day and age should we not exercise discrimination and seek to preserve only the distilled wisdom of our ancestors and outlaw the inhumane practices of the past? Sati was a tradition once – should it have been preserved? We look to leaders for enlightenment not confusion and ignorance. The purpose of education is to banish not reinstall the latter.

However amidst all this jaw-dropping racketeering, it is so encouraging to read the responses from the public. Meghalaya is now home to a vibrant host of intelligent voices with the moral weapons to overthrow the old corrupt guard. May the force be with them!

“The smallest worm will turn being trodden on/And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood”

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Janet Moore Hujon,

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Unconvincing response


The justification on the Sohra Eco-restoration project(ST 3rd Nov 2012) by Mr Barkos Warjri IAS Add Chief Secy further exposes its shortcomings. It failed to convince me and perhaps those in the majority who are skeptical of its chances of success (ST Poll result 26th Oct 2012). It rather further confirms that the approach is highly idealistic. By his own admission, the tree planting technique adopted by the Department in the area is in the experimental stage and therefore it would be appropriate to take it up on a smaller scale for the few years to first confirm its success rather than having a huge target in the initial year itself. Secondly the call for people’s participation and partnership in all developmental project is nothing new and generally people participate when the project is on. This, however cannot be taken for granted simply on assurances and hope especially if is expected that the people have to shoulder huge responsibilities on their own long after the project period is over. I still have serious doubts that the hand holding process will continue when the funds are exhausted. The idea of taking up water retention work in the area has also to be properly examined as the possibility of early siltation is very high as is evident from a structure which I learnt was constructed by the Soil Conservation Department in the Sohra Eco Park a few years back. This is already severely choked with sand and pebbles instead of retaining water. I do not doubt about what is on the ground as of now and that public money has been spent for the purpose. Nor do I hesitate to appreciate the best effort that has been put in. I am, however, more concerned about the end result and I have every reason to be cautious when there are no tangible results from projects of a similar nature that were taken up in Sohra in the past .

While Mr Warjri exudes optimism and enthusiasm and takes great pride in his present achievement, I would rather prefer that he adopt a pragmatic and down to earth approach on the matter combined with farsightedness, particularly since the harsh natural surrounding of Sohra is also a stakeholder here and not only the people . Therefore, I would reiterate that it would be prudent to take up the project within manageable limits and with proper appraisal and in depth analysis while in the process, in order to ensure success.

Yours etc.,

G Rani,




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