Friday, June 14, 2024

ANVC denies links with GNLA


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From Our Correspondent

TURA: The main ANVC outfit, currently under a ceasefire with the State and Central governments, has denied any involvement or nexus with the banned GNLA group and said that this week’s arrest of its member by police could be nothing more than an isolated case.

The political secretary of ANVC, Malja Sangma, informed the media that the outfit could not rule out the individual involvement of one of their own cadres with the banned GNLA.

The ANVC cadre, Ensal Ch Marak alias Ginjing of Chokpot, was arrested by police for helping the GNLA plant IEDs on the Kherapara-Chokpot road to target security forces operating in the region on November 2 and it created panic since Meghalaya C&RD Minister Saleng Sangma was also in the area around the same time and unable to use the road to return to Tura.

“We do not rule out Ginjing’s involvement but it must be in his individual capacity. We are still in a ceasefire with the government and we always tell our boys to keep a distance from armed groups,” Malja said.

“If Ginjing is found to be involved then the law will take its own course of action,” said the ANVC leader.

He did not rule out the possibility that the arrested cadre may have given his help to the GNLA for some monetary benefits since the cadres under the ceasefire are living in poor condition having not received their monthly stipend since March, this year.

“Our cadre may have been tempted by the financial lure since they have not received any money for so many months. It is very discouraging for the cadres,” lamented Malja.

He revealed that the ANVC leadership including himself has been intimating the Meghalaya government several times to release the funds for the cadres’ maintenance.

He said that he had intimated Additional DG of Police T Dkhar and Principal Secretary KS Kropha of the urgency to release the funds but none have been forthcoming so far.

He expressed caution that such delays would act as a deterrent for other cadres and groups to return to the mainstream and the possibility of new organizations surfacing.


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