Collection, disposal of waste stopped in Jowai

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Uncollected garbage lies strewn in Iawmusiang market in Jowai. (ST)

JOWAI: Cleanliness in the entire Jowai town is now in a very bad state since the Jowai Municipal Board has stopped collection and disposal of waste material besides cleaning the Iawmusiang market area.

Garbage collected in various parts of Iawmusiang area have begun to emit foul smell sparking fears of severe health hazard among the residents.

The Jowai Municipal Board which is responsible for collection and disposal of garbage from different localities of Jowai town has stopped the same citing acute financial crisis.

“The Jowai Municipal Board have not even paid the salary of its staffs including drivers and sweepers,” sources said, adding, “Unless localities agreed to pay the disposal charge, the collection and disposal of garbage cannot be resumed.”

Staffs of the Board have not received their salary since August last, the source informed.

“None of the localities except the Sein Raij Market, CNI Market (Iaw-Chor) and Presbyterian Market (Iaw-Shyiap) have paid us service charge despite a resolution being passed in a meeting held several months ago,” the source said.

The JMB is continuing to provide the service of collection and disposal of waste materials from these three markets but has stopped garbage collection from the entire Iawmusiang area and the other localities, the source said.

The Jowai Municipal Board, which is a self revenue-generating body, has been functioning with minimum funds sanctioned by the government in the form of grant in aid.

Due to non-payment of salaries, Grade IV staffs including sweepers and drivers have threatened to call for an indefinite strike.

Till a few years ago, toll gates installed by the JMB was the only sources of revenue. However, in 2009 all the toll gates were closed down which has resulted in fund crisis for the Board.

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