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Rubber production increases in Nagaland


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Dimapur: Rubber plantation is being practised in various parts of Nagaland to generate more income, which needs to be grown well in between 450 to 500 meter above mean sea level and a warm humid climate with a temperature ranging between 21 degree to 35 degrees and a well distributed rainfall of 2000 mm to 4500 mm.

The officials from the Nagaland Land Resource Department are demonstrating their Departmental activities in the ongoing NER Agri Expo at Dimapur, where rubber sheets for auction have also been displayed.

Potential areas for rubber cultivation in the state have been covered by the Department of Land Resource and the interested farmers within the total geographical area (Hector) in Nagaland is 1657900 and the area suitable for rubber is 462180.80. Areas proposed for rubber is 115546.

The total geographical Area (in hectors) for Tuensang District is 247894, Phek 202600, Peren 179224, Mon 178600, Wokha 162800, Mokokchung 161500, Kohima 132176, Zunheboto 125500, Kiphire 116185, Dimapur 92700 and Longleng 58721.

Area suitable for rubber plantation in District wise has shown that Kohima is 9277.51, Dimapur 47862, Wokha 116546, Tuensang 3754.98, Mon 89698.03, Phek 2648.34, Peren 41735.01, Kiphire 3133.51, Longleng 25341.72, Zunheboto 9763.70 and Mokokchung 112420.

Area proposed for Rubber in the entire Districts has shown that Kohima is 2319, Dimapur 11966, Wokha 29137, Tuensang 939, Mon 22425, Phek 662, Peren 10434, Kiphire 783, Longleng 6335, Zunheboto 244.3 and Mokokchung 28105.

Potential area for rubber development in Nagaland is 1, 15000 Hectare, no. of rubber plants per Hectare is 418 Hectare, total area under rubber plantation in Nagaland developed by the Department of Land Resource 6445 Hectare, standing number of trees 26,92021, standing number of trees 8th years and above 483 Hectare, standing number of trees 5 yrs and above 1934 Hectare, standing number of trees below 5 years 4028 Hectare, production per ha per annum 2.51 MT present annual production is 1211 MT, present value of rubber sheet at the rate of Rs 165 kg 19 crore, by 2020 if the Department has developed 2000 Hector per year and the total production per annum 2.51 x 22445 = 56251 MT. (UNI)


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