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ANVC-B ‘looking forward’ to polls


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By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: The ANVC-B has decided not to disturb the upcoming Assembly elections.

In a statement issued here on Friday, the Chairman of ANVC-B Rimpu Marak said that they are looking forward for the elections as they hope to see a change.

“This time people are more conscious and cautious of the aspiring candidates and I believe that their manifestos have to be well drafted. Making false promises during campaigns including distribution of cash will not be entertained,” Marak said.

According to Marak, having a Garo Chief Minister meant nothing to the Garos as most of the physical development made during Dr Mukul Sangma’s tenure was actually the initiatives of ANVC and ANVC-B.

“The ANVC and ANVC-B had submitted the charter of demands to the Centre and the State, which were approved and sanctioned, including the creation of new districts and establishment of border haats, out of which some funds actually disappeared,” Marak said.

He alleged that the Chief Minister got all the credits and kept their demands unattended and inconclusive for long, which led to the rise of unwanted situations in Garo Hills.

“Now the hunt is on to arrest and eliminate me with promising rewards and a promotion for the officers. If this is the methodology the Government wants to adopt, then Meghalaya is heading for division,” Marak said.

According to the ANVC-B leader, his movement was aimed at a peaceful negotiation and a solution, “but if the State thinks killing is the solution, then retaliation will affect all sections of the society and all government servants.”

“We were neither against the State and the Centre nor against the Khasis or the Jaintias but we were for justice and against the irresponsible leaders of Garo Hills. We were for a peaceful process which is acceptable to the Garos,” Marak asserted.

ANVC denies allegations of extortion

The political secretary of the ceasefire monitored ANVC has denied that its senior member Togan R Marak, arrested from Araimile on Thursday, had anything to do with support to the breakaway faction ANVC-B.

The political secretary of the ANVC, Doreng Malja Sangma, said that their arrested member Togan was arrested without any valid ‘proof’ of his involvement with the other outfit and added that he had always been against the activities of groups out of the ceasefire.

“There is no truth in the allegations against him (Togan) and we stand by him. It was the ANVC-B which had previously targeted him accusing him of using their name. If it is so, then why would he work for them?” questioned the political secretary.

He also said that if there are any allegations or doubts on any of their cadres the government should address the issue at the district level meetings agreed upon during earlier ceasefire monitoring meets.


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