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Misusing Toshan Sing Nongbet


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Through your esteemed daily I would like to apprise the public that a person who has individually brought a lot of honour and respect to the State of Meghalaya has simply been misused and embarrassed by the State Election Department. On December 3 last, an advertisement published on the last page of almost all the local dailies had the picture of Toshan Sing Nongbet posing with an “EPIC Card” which clearly did not belong to him (if one goes by the name and picture on the Card). It is very careless and shameful of the Election Department of the State to make such a stupid error. As a big fan of Toshan Sing Nongbet I would suggest that he keep out of all these politically related matters and carry on with his pride and passion that is “Opera” which will truly bring him a respect and fame if he sticks to his first love. So good luck to Toshan and shame on the Election Department of Meghalaya.

Yours etc., Frederick Mukhim,

Shillong -14

Water- scarce for some, not for others


Recently there was a public notice published in two local dailies by Mr B K Wahlang, secretary of the Ri Raid Laban Durbar, publicly summoning the Rangbah Shnong (Mr T Rynjah) and the Secretary (Mr Hepbrit Kharbuli) of Lawsohtun to answer for what he claimed “illegal activities”. The said officials published a rejoinder in the same dailies and also called a public meeting in the village where Mr Wahlang was roundly condemned by all for interfering in the affairs of another village, which is claimed to be outside the Raid Laban area.

This is all very well. But what about the hapless citizens? When local administrators indulge in corruption, nepotism, favouritism and cronyism, what can citizens do and who do they take their grievances to? Such cases of rampant misrule in Lawsohtun are nowhere more discernable than in the question of water distribution in the village. Within the same Blocks, it is very common to find some houses getting plenty of water while others do not. When the Rangbah Shnong is approached he maintains that water is dealt with by the Secretary. But the Secretary also passes the buck to the plumber who is a foul-mouthed individual who uses abusive language. His favourite answer is that there is no water in “jungle”, that is, the source. If that is the case then why is it that some houses within the same Blocks get plenty of water and others have to buy water almost daily? And why, if there is no water, the public taps, many of which are without faucets have running water? Many of these public taps get water as early as 3. 30 am up to about 10 am. Again, in the afternoon, there si running water from 1 pm onwards until after 6 pm. From where is this water coming? Why is some of this water not diverted to private homes especially when house owners are actually paying a much more expensive water tax than the temporary population who gets water from these taps?

That the Secretary should pass the buck to the abusive plumber clearly shows that he is either incompetent and has no interest in the welfare of the citizen or that he is controlled by the plumber for reasons best known to him; that water is running in the taps and not in many private homes also clearly shows that there is gross mismanagement of the water distribution system. And the skewed distribution system clearly shows that there is rampant corruption. One wonders if the plumber who seems to be more powerful than everybody else is actually being used as a front man.

Water scarcity does not only happen in winter but also in the height of summer when water is flooding everywhere. But then who do citizens complain to? Hence, I personally feel that we should have some higher authority like the Raid Laban Durbar which could take errant village administrators like these to task. Perhaps Mr Wahlang should, after all, publicly summon these individuals again.

Yours etc.

Name withheld on request,

Via email.

NEHU Signboard


It is amazing to see that the signboard which is placed at the entrance of the NEHU campus, Umshing, Mawlai is just as ordinary as the signboard of a commonplace Institution or Computer Literacy Centre. NEHU is one of the big names among the Universities in India, and personally, I feel that the University should live up to the expectations and its own standards of recognition. As a matter of fact, whenever you visit any other University in India, the first thing that impresses the visitor is the signboard bearing the name of the University which speaks of its prestige. By virtue of being a past pupil of the University my suggestion to the concerned authorities is to take the initiative to do something regarding this matter. If possible, to erect the appropriate signboard or any other structure, from which one can get an impressive glimpse of the University, especially since high ranking officials and dignitaries visit the University every now and again.

Yours etc.,

A Johnson Lyngdoh,


And the lights all went out


Commuters on the Guwahati – Shillong road wonder as to what happenned to the usually bright lights along the dyke of the Umiam reservoir close to the Umroi road junction .This is usually one of the picturesque sight for commuters especially at night when the lights shine all along the dyke which at the same time casts a mesmerising reflection at the water when the reservoir is full. For the past few months only two or three of the light points are working while the rest are defective, leaving the dyke in almost total darkness at night. To assume that the MeECL officials are oblivious to this is illogical since it would not be expect that their top brass has not passed through this dyke for months together. If on the other hand the MeECL does not have funds to repair even a few light points then this calls for serious consideration on its ability to survive. The management cannot also give the excuse that the lapse is because of shortage of power since presently the reservoir is full of water and it is definitely not the time for power cuts. However, to many who are familiar with the style of functioning of the MeECL , this lapse occurs because of plain indifference and apathy on the part of the controlling authority which ultimately reflects on the poor management of the Corporation as a whole as is evident from time to time. It is undeniably a sad state of affairs. The question is how long do we have to bear with this discouraging situation before we see the lights shine in the Corporation.

Yours etc.,

R Dutta,




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